What you don’t know can hurt you!
 How to rid yourself of unwanted programs that can
destroy your computer!

From: Richard Rossbauer

You don’t have to be a computer geek to learn how to protect your PC! If you want to learn everything you need to know about securing your PC from dangerous malware, spyware and adware you are in the right place!

     Have you noticed your computer slowing down, even if you have minimal programs running?

     Has your web surfing slowed down to a snail’s pace, even though you have a very fast broadband connection?

     If you have, the chances are that you have spyware or adware running in the background without your knowledge. Not only do these programs slow down your system they also can send out information that you don’t want sent and especially to places where you don’t want it sent!

If you don’t take control and do it fast, you can become the unwilling victim of sabotage, spying and even
scarier identity and credit card theft!

Unless you take control soon and make sure your computer is clean, your pc will appear to have a mind of its’ own. 15 Steps to PC Security is just what the pc doctor ordered.

Take a look at all you will learn:

STEP  1. How secure is your home computer – Learn what types of attacks you can expect.
STEP  2. All About Viruses – Discover how to identify and rid yourself of these destructive programs.
STEP  3. Password Protection – How to protect your passwords.
STEP  4. Back Up Important Files – How and why this is crucial.
STEP  5. Should You Have a Firewall? – Discusses the pros and cons of firewall protection.
STEP  6. Do You Need a File Encryption Program? – No longer just for big businesses.
STEP  7. What Are Patches and Do You Need Them? Making sure you know all you need to know about using them.
STEP  8. Beware of Opening eMail Attachments – Why and how to make sure they are safe before opening.
STEP  9. What You Should Know About Phishing – What you MUST know about this lethal practice.
STEP 10. Safe Practices When Downloading and Installing Programs. Are these safe practices?
STEP 11. Instant Messaging Do's and Don'ts – When a friend is not a friend.
STEP 12. Setting Up a SAFE Home Network – How to safely link all your computers.
STEP 13. Keeping Your Children Safe Online – Internet predators are out to lure your children.
STEP 14. What to Do If Your Computer Is Attacked – Getting yourself out of trouble.
STEP 15. How to Stay Informed – Once your pc is clean, keep it that way!

An unprotected pc is a sitting duck
for Internet predators and
destructive programs.

 This garbage is everywhere online and no one is immune unless you take the correct steps.

The odds are high that you already have it eating away at your computer now and don’t know it. Once they take over you hand over control.

The bad news is that you have probably gotten them, even
from sites you trust! You may have dozens of these parasites
on your computer right now!

The good news is that
"PC Security in 15 Easy Steps"
will give you everything you need to boot these programs
right out of your online world. And, you’ll learn how to
prevent them from returning.

Learn how to make the necessary changes and protect yourself and your family.

Best of all you learn how to eliminate them and protect yourself in the future.

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Grab your copy now and in minutes you’ll be on the road to recovery with 15 Steps to PC Security!

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      Richard Rossbauer

I'm so confident that this inexpensive ebook can save you  hours, even days of hassle and agony, and even hundreds of dollars, should you be attacked by online cyber thieves, that I'll give your money back if, within 60 days of your order, you aren't satisfied with these 15 Steps to securing your PC.
 No Questions Asked!

     P.P.S. If you're looking for bonuses, they come with the eBook*. The real important issue and urgency, however, is to build protection for your PC first, so Order your eBook now, and start on the easy 15 steps to protect your computer and your family.

    (*The 16 bonuses and helpful resources included in your new ebook have been selected based on my experience with maintaining a security oriented website and newsletter for the past 7 years)
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