Best pieces for antique collecting

Aside from proper maintenance and cleaning, one of the basic things that people who are into antique collecting should know is the best kind of antique collections.

With the popularity of antique collecting today, it's a must that people are very careful in choosing the items they want to collect. Seasoned antique collectors agree that knowing the valuable pieces is very important for antique collecting because this will determine the future value of an item.

The following are just some of the best pieces ideal for antique collecting:

1. Wooden furniture and wood-crafted items. Indeed, the undying beauty of wooden furniture and other items that are crafted from wood never cease to amaze people. This is because the beauty of a piece of wooden furniture, when taken care of properly, never fades and continues to increase in value. This is especially valid if it's made from rare or expensive types of wood such as mahogany, walnut, or oak.
antique desk and spinning wheel
Today, furniture and other wooden items are among the most sought after antique pieces because these are not only decorative but useful objects that are a wise investment piece. If you are planning to collect furniture and other wood crafted items, make sure that you choose those furniture pieces that have a wide range of wood types, intricate designs as well as those that belong to a specific historical era that depict the styles in the mentioned era. These can be European, American, English, and Chinese.

2. Jewelry and other accessories. This type of antique will require a lot of money so it is best to conduct thorough research on the item or items you wish to purchase. Antique jewelries are very rare in this time and age because the majority of them are being remade or restored. Since not all elements used for jewelry can stand the test of time, many manufacturers decide to remake them and market them as restored pieces. If you are into collecting antique jewelry, it is best to seek the help of an expert to authenticate the age of the piece and a reputable jeweler to ensure that the jewelry has not lost its value.

3. Ceramic pieces. These are also wonderful pieces for antique collecting because ceramics can last a long time when taken care of properly. Ideal ceramic pieces are Asian or Oriental-inspired because they are intricately designed. (TIP: Choose ceramic items that are not painted to ensure that they will remain beautiful despite their age. Or, if you want colored ceramic items, choose those that are fire-glazed to ensure that the color or paint won't peel off.)

Glass items, toys, vintage clothes and other items made of cloth, books, and various artworks are also good pieces for antique collecting.