Collecting antique quilts

After realizing the value of antiques because of their increasing value in the long run, more and more people are collecting antique quilts. Just like with furniture, collecting antique quilts can be a very good business venture for anybody who loves to keep and sell cloth items. Aside from the uniqueness of the materials used, one thing that can add up to the value of antique quilts is the originality of the design and patterns used in creating them.

If you are interested in collecting antique quilts, the best places to look for them are old antique shops since they specialize in determining which pieces are antique. It is also ideal to buy from these stores because most of them issue certification that proves the authenticity of the item being sold.

But, if you are new in collecting antique quilts, it is best to educate yourself first to avoid buying fake items. In some stores, especially those that advertise online, items are marketed as antiques even when they are not. So, be cautious when buying quilts that are advertised to be old - 

How to determine if the quilt is authentic or not

Don't buy an antique quilt just because the seller said it was one.

The first thing that you can do is check the authenticity of the quilt by conducting a background research about the dealer or seller. To know if the dealer or seller is licensed, check his or her name or the company name on the list of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or International Society of Appraisers (ISA).

 These two agencies can be accessed online so you can easily know if the seller truly has the credentials. Once you have checked the name, the next step is to confirm the certification status the dealer or seller has. (REMINDER: Today, there are many appraisers that used to be licensed but were dispelled from the agency because of illegal things and promoting illegal claims. To avoid conducting any business with these people, make sure that the dealer or seller has a clean and reputable status in the antique industry.)

In collecting antique quilts, it is also best to seek the assistance of a professional textile expert to ensure the age and the authenticity of the antique quit before finally purchasing it.