Be Honest - Is Your Life Style
Killing you?
Does this sound familiar?

Your doctor urged you to change your lifestyle because he was concerned about your health.

You tried to eat heart healthy foods for awhile, even began to  exercise and cut down your work hours.

But soon you were back to your same old ways.

You just don't do what you know you should, even though your life depends on it.

This puzzles you because you have a lot to live for. And the constant struggle leaves you dejected and depleted.

Is this You?

You probably realize that
it takes energy to fuel all your activities.

Self control is one such activity. Without energy you cannot exercise self control or willpower.

It's impossible to sustain a healthy lifestyle without self control. But self control is a limited energy source. You can use it up in one area and not have it for the next area.

So you have to understand how to spend this energy wisely.

Experts say that there is less than a one in ten chance that you will stick to a heart healthy lifestyle, even when your life depends upon it. You need a way to reverse these odds—an insurance policy for your heart.

Only one in ten -
that's a 90 percent failure rate - failure to exercise the self control you need to  protect your heart!

You can be one of the 10 percent that succeed and here's how:

There's a book dedicated to beefing up your self control with just the help you need to discover how to

 Identify the hidden factors that deplete your energy
 Overcome the false beliefs that create tension and stress
 Follow the 9 steps that beef up your willpower muscle
Reduce Negative Emotions like Anger and Sadness
Become more accepting and less critical
Experience more of the present moment and less remorse or worry
Renew your resolve and value in living
Rediscover your purpose and find new meaning in life

...and if this IS you.
now is the perfect time to start beefing up your Self Control and restoring your Heart Healthy Life Style.

And that's what this book is all about - How to Sustain the Lifestyle Changes You Need
for a Healthy Heart



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Dr.Larry Decker PhD
Doctor Larry
If you are one of the millions of Americans afflicted with or at risk for heart disease this book is for you.

As a heart patient myself, I'm quite familiar with the difficulties involved in sustaining a heart healthy lifestyle.

As a Psychologist who has counseled hundreds of heart patients over the past 12 years,
 I've learned what works to keep me, and my patients on track.

And finally, as an author of two books about the emotional and behavioral aspects of heart disease, I'm confident
Cardiac Wellness can help you get started
restoring your Heart Healthy Lifestyle, too.

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