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Air Fern: The Plant That No-One Can Kill
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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All you people who kill plants just by looking at them, listen up: I've found a plant that not even you can kill. The plant is the air fern, and the reason you can't kill it is that it's already dead.

That's right; it's dead. In fact, fern isn't really a fern at all; you might argue that it isn't even a plant at all. Like coral, it's the leftover skeleton of millions of minuscule sea creatures, known as Sertularia. The coral-like air fern is harvested in the North Sea. It is then dried and dyed green so that it looks like a plant. In fact, the main difference between it and silk flowers is that it actually *looks like a plant*, something no silk flower I've ever seen has been able to manage yet.

Because it isn't actually a plant, the fern is the perfect "plant" for rooms with low-light conditions (for that matter, the air fern could 'live' in the dark, if you wanted it to), for homeowners who travel a lot, for those who are noticeably lacking any green thumbs, and anyone else who has trouble getting plants to survive.

Basic care for yourfern consists mainly of *not* watering it, *not* fertilizing it, and *not* trimming or pruning it. It should be kept nicely dry, since water will leach the dye out of it (making it look dead, conversely enough; how many other 'plants' can claim that?). Also, avoid direct sunlight. Save the spot in the south-facing window for plants that actually need the sunlight; your air fern will be much happier on a table or in a hanging basket in the center of the room, where your 'real plants' would never get enough light to survive.

As it's name suggests, the only thing your air fern needs to thrive is a little air, and I dare say it could manage even without that, if it had to.

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