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Gardening is the practice of growing plants for their attractive flowers or foliage,
and vegetables or fruits for consumption.


Gardening is producing edible foods and using plants to improve local environmental conditions.

   Gardening differs from farming.

   These expert tips are directed to Gardeners, from the hobbyist in a residential garden, to the homeowner supplementing the family food with a small vegetable garden or orchard.
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Container Gardening

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Organic Gardening Tips
Flower Garden Care
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Selecting your Garden

Selecting Good Garden

Safe Pest Control
Modern Gardening

How Gardens Benefit

Backyard Wildflowers
Growing Ferns
Keeping Soil Healthy
Hobby Greenhouse
Clay Pot Crafts
Planting Seeds
Kitchen Garden
Desktop Gardening
Raised Bed Garden
Summer Gardens for
   Small Spaces

Summer Garden

Decorate Summer


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  Residential gardening most often is done around a home in a area referred to as 'the garden'. Although a garden typically is located on the land near a residence, it may also be located on a roof, in an atrium, on a balcony, in a window box, or on a patio. Where ever it's done, it's often done for FUN, sheer pleasure and enjoyment, and even for special delicacies like herbs, tomatoes, and fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers for the table.

  Basic Tips and Ideas for Planning Your
        Home Landscaping Project

Your Home is your Castle. It's the place to go when it's time to relax, have fun, entertain and do whatever you want. You'll want every place in your home to be attractive, comforting and appealing - your yard and gardens as well...and considering that your surroundings affect the way you feel, the way your yard looks to others, and your own family is of great importance. Loads of free advice.
    Plant and Grow Beautiful Garden Lilies

There are different types of lilies. If you are unsure of what to plant, then try researching about breeds which are compatible in your location. Asiatic and Oriental lilies are the most popular types of lilies in the United States. Lilies are a great addition in your yard and in your home. Pages of Free help here.
home grown FRESH herbs   How to Design an Herb Garden and
     Plant it for the Best Results

If you’ve always desired a garden filled with fragrant herbs, here are some handy tips on how to design an herb garden and Resources to help you get the best results from your plants. It's actually a fairly easy process. Loaded with free advice.
Award winning German Bearded Iris stand over 4 feet tall
    How To Grow Beautiful Iris Plants
                                in 8 Easy steps
  A few important steps if you are planning to plant
  your first Iris Garden, and even some good
  suggestions for growing healthier and more beautiful
  iris for the seasoned gardener. More free advice.
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    Don't spend hours flipping through gardening magazines - "Caring for Your Lawn" has the answers to all of your lawn care questions.

When your envious neighbors see the beautiful lawn you create, they'll be asking you for advice - because “Caring for Your Lawn” is sure to put you in first place, prime King of the Hill for the best lawn on the block.
Compost Bin    A Simplified Look at Composting
Compost is an organic substance added to the soil which functions more than just being a fertilizer. It is a mulch, a soil conditioner, and something that will help the soil give the best nutrients and minerals your plants need. Make your home Garden Composting Easy
Butterfly Garden ebook from RichardPresents.com

       Attract butterflies to your garden
They provide a perfect way to pollinate other plants, naturally eat other predators that might threaten the plants in your garden and most of all, they are fascinating creatures that can provide hours of peaceful entertainment and serenity in a sometimes crazy world!

This handbook is jam packed with so much valuable information, you’ll be able to start your butterfly garden knowing all the basics about attracting and keeping butterflies coming back, again and again to your home and garden.


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