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The Key to Affiliate Success...
Think 5 Pillar Program!

Want to start a business online but don't have a product or a service to sell? Looking for something to do part-time to earn some extra money to cover the bills? Love the Net and want to try something that is flourishing?

Think "affiliate business." It's a risk-free way to generate secondary (or primary) income on the Net. You don't need a product or a service to sell. Credit cards processing, packaging, shipping logistics, customer support, -- none of these concern you as an affiliate. All you have to do is refer visitors to products and/or services that belong to the merchant(s) you have chosen to represent. Each resulting sale earns you a commission and money in your pocket.

The first key to affiliate success is to choose a quality affiliate program that offers high-value products, fair commissions and great customer support. Be proud of who and what you are representing.

The second key to affiliate success is to use proven affiliate marketing strategies so that you don't waste time or money... or lose confidence... or become discouraged.

Now think "5 Pillar Program."
It holds both keys.

SiteSell.com's 5 Pillar Program was named "The Best Program on the Net" by affiliatesdirectory.com, a directory that tracks thousands of programs! No program offers the unique tools, quality e-zine training support, and generous lifetime and 2-tier commissions that it does.


The 5 Pillar Program provides you with the exact what-you-need-now resources and tools to build a profitable online affiliate business... whether you are "new-to-the-Net" or very Web-experienced. Want to see some proof?


YES? Take a look at the Complete 10 day Getting Started Action Guide


This Action Guide is the actual guide that SBI! owners use to master the Web.
Use this "evaluation guide" to...
  • see how and why SBI! works
  • realize that SBI! is as unique and effective as we claim
  • understand why no one delivers (and proves) success, and
  • decide whether SBI! is right for you. Speaking of which...
If you are looking for "Get-Rich-Quick," delete this file. You are at the wrong place. Common sense dictates that is impossible. If you intend to build a major online corporation, you need a Webmaster and programmers.

But if you are willing to work to build a genuine small business with long-term value and profits, read on.

This easy-to-read colorful Guide will give you a concise orientation to the
5 Pillar Program
and provide "cream-of-the crop" affiliate strategies and tools that have proven themselves to work reliably, consistently and profitably. The Guide is designed to get anyone off to a fast, solid and uncomplicated start (which is great news if you representing two or more programs already!)

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The Getting Started Action Guide
shows why the 5 Pillar Program should be one of your top choices for a quality affiliate program. Use its resources and tools to convert "visitors" to your Web site into "customers" which means commission income for you!

Build an online affiliate business that you can be proud of and that make a difference to your bank account.

Take the two 5P keys and unlock the door to your affiliate success.

Click here to visit The Getting Started Action Guide web page

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*P.S. The SBI SiteBuild It!
program simply includes everything required to build a professional, profit oriented and search engine friendly online business while building your website. I used all of the included tools and strategies to create a very specific niche oriented information website. The program doesn't let you overlook a thing. It's unbelievably complete (It even includes domain registration and hosting, search engine submission, and much more.) There's more....

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