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How To Make Profit From An Affiliate Program

"How To Make Profit From 
An Affiliate Program"

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If you want to make money from your web site or newsletter,
 but don't have your own product to sell, you can join an affiliate
-also called reseller- program 
and sell products like Ebooks, software,
 hardware, etc. for other companies. 

Every time you make a sale from your affiliate link, you will get a commission.

Affiliate programs come in four basic types:

1) Per-Click Programs 

These programs will pay you a predetermined amount for every click-through that you generate. Typical per-click payouts are $0.01 to $0.30. A click is usually the least amount of "response" for which an affiliate program will compensate you. The compensation is usually lower than other types of affiliate programs because click-throughs are the easiest to generate.

2) Per-Lead Programs 

These affiliate programs pay you for "sign-ups" that you generate. At the bare minimum, "sign-ups" would include an email address, but may require more info such as phone number, mailing address, or demographic info. Because leads are more difficult to generate than clicks, compensation with these programs tends to be higher, in the range of $0.10 to $5.00 or more per lead.

3. Per-Sale Programs 

These are the most popular type of affiliate programs, also called "commission" programs. These programs pay you a set percentage commission on sales that originate from your links. Percentages range but some programs pay out 40% or more of each sale to affiliates. Obviously, sales are more difficult to generate than click-throughs or leads, so compensation tends to be the highest.

4. Products with Reprint or Resale Rights

Now, this is where it's becoming really interesting :-) The big money on the Internet lies in owning your own product that allows you to keep 100% of the profits, but the second best way is purchasing Reprint Rights to other people's products!

There are basically 2 types of resale rights: 

"Basic Resale Rights" 
You receive the right to sell the Ebook for a set price to other people. 

"Master Resale Rights"
You receive the right to sell the Ebook for a set price and to also sell 
the resale rights to other people. Most of the time the resale rights are 
included in the sales price but sometimes you can make hundreds and 
even thousands of dollars selling the resale rights alone.

Here's why owning reprint rights is the best way to make profit on line:

  • You'll own an instant, ready-to-sell product without any effort 
    on your part! In most cases, you'll be provided with a killer 
    website and proven sales letter, you simply plug in your info!


  • You'll keep 100% of the profits, as if it were your own creation. 
    No need to pay any royalties to the author ever!

However, before you buy reprint rights, check if the product meets the
 following criteria:

- Is it an In-Demand product?

There should be a market for the product. Don't buy rights to a product that you know is going to be difficult to sell. 

- Does the product offer a Minimum Price Limit?

Select a product where the publisher or developer sets a minimum selling price. Most sincere marketers will sell the product at the recommended selling price, but some don't and this makes your job of selling much more difficult, sometimes forcing you to lower your price as well! 

I've seen the "FreeToSell Ebook Reseller Package" offered on line for 
only $9.00, where other resellers are asking $49.00 and more for it. This 
is not fair, as Tom Hua (the FreeToSell program owner) has asked all his
resellers to keep up the price, but these things happen on line, and it's 
hard to stop these fraudulent people, who are only out for a quick buck.

- Is your product exclusive?

How many reprint licenses have been sold for the product? Is the owner 
allowing everyone who buys a licence to sell the product with reprint rights as well? If yes, be careful. The market can become saturated in a very short period of time, as everyone is now selling reprint rights to the product !

- Does the product offer a rapid Return On Investment? (ROI)

If the product is in high demand, you shouldn't have to worry about return on investment . If the purchase rights to a product cost you $29.00 and the recommended selling price is also $29.00, you're fine. You will only have to sell 1 product to get your money back and all the rest is profit!

However, if you need to make 100 sales before seeing a profit, it's more than likely that the product is overpriced, and it will be difficult to make your investment back.

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Selling products on the Internet is a work of continuous labor. 

Don't think that signing up for a few affiliate programs, and placing a couple of banners or buttons on your web site, will make you wealthy.

You will never make a living on line by allowing people to
send ecards from your web site, at $0.05 per click -unless you have a web site that receives 100,000 hits per day  :-)

There's much more involved in affiliate marketing, because...

... there are thousands of people all over the Internet promoting the very 
same product like you. So,
the most important thing is to be different than your  competitors!  

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Here are some examples to use that will make you stand out from the crowd:

Write your own ads or recommendation. 

Check first if this allowed in the affiliate agreement. People who already trust you will believe you. If you have used a product, tell your readers what you got out of it, and how it can help them to improve their life or business.  

TIP: Need help writing or placing your ads? Jimmy Brown's report: E-zine Ad Profits will show you exactly how to write a killer ad that gets results every  time, and which 35 E-zines are the  best places to publish your ads in. Highly recommended! And, you also receive a reprint license and a ready-made website with your purchase  -notice how quickly you can build your own resale empire?

Give away a Free Report or Ebook, containing your affiliate links. 

To find out how you can write your own Ebook, download my FREE 

"Write, Create, Promote, Sell!" Ebook. This complete guide packed 
with interesting tips and lots of links to free on-line services. Once you read it, you'll be able to launch your own profitable E-book on the 
Internet. You can customize this E-book with your own affilliate links, 
and then give the E-book away to your visitors or subscribers, and 
make money. 


TIP: To create your Ebooks, I recommend the easy to use Ebook  Creator software (which is now available at 75% OFF!) Ebook Creator  comes with the branding tool, so you can let other people customize  your Ebooks with their own information. 
 This works great if you have your own affiliate program, and want  to let your affiliates -or also resellers- spread the word about your  product.

Create a Mini Web Site around your affiliate product's theme. 

For a long time, my idea of a profitable web site was creating hundreds of web pages, sprinkle them with links to affiliate programs, sending traffic to it, and then wait for the affiliate links to be clicked on...

Did you mention that I wrote "was"? :-) Now I don't believe this anymore. 

Maintaining the web site, doing the webmaster stuff like; uploading new web pages, changing and updating dead links and graphics (not to mention keeping the linkage fresh :-) took up too much of my time.

Time that I could spend much better... like writing and creating my own Info Products...

Don't get me wrong. I still set up web pages, but these days I use fast loading, Low-Cost, Mini Sites. Mini Sites are single web pages that focus on selling one single product, or pre-selling only one affiliate program. 

These kind of sites are perfect to sell Ebooks, Information Products 
or software programs, and they don't need any updates :-)

Mini Sites can also be used to capture email addresses from people 
who are already interested in your information, so you can follow up 
on them... via your autoresponder. 

More on this in the next chapter.

More about Mini Sites that make visitors flip-out their wallets and 
order your products
-or grab the reader by the throat and pull him 
into your site- in this
special report.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How to create killer mini-sites that sell like crazy!
  • How to write tight, well-crafted copy that sells.
  • Top 5 strategies to promote my mini-sites.
  • The 9-block formula for creating killer mini sites that sell!
  • The truth about graphic-design and how to use it to 
    generate more leads & sales
  • How to add 16 different streams of income in just a 
    couple of minutes!
  • The right approach to use when the product you are 
    selling is not yours

By the way, you also get Royalty Free Resell Rights! 
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Create an attention grabbing sales page

Selling products with success on line is MORE than just creating a sales 
letter, and hoping for your prospects to grab their wallet and spend their hard earned money with you. That's only the beginning! 

You need to make your offer special, time sensitive, and exclusive, so your visitors will buy your products instantly! 

Here are some tips:

Write your sales page as you're speaking to a friend. Write like you are writing  to him or her personally. Too often, sales letters are written as if they were going to be read to an audience rather than one person.  

Use an illustration. People love a good story that brings a clear message. It creates interest in the readers mind.

Use bullets to stress the benefits of your product or service.

Write a headline on your website sales letter that instantly captures the attention  of the visitor. Your headline should be in bold print, and make a promise. Offer the  guarantee that the reader will be rewarded with finding out how the promise will work for them. 

Lead the prospect further into your sales letter by expanding on the subject of your headline. 

The body of your copy should continue on with benefit after benefit towards the reader and how it's going to help them solve a problem. Sum up different benefits that will appeal to different readers. 

Outline every benefit, and go into depper detail about how your product will solve their problem or help them to improve their life.

After the body, give them a call to action. If the goal of your sales letter is to have them visit your website, then say, "Click here now for an Amazing Discount!" Tell them specifically what you want them to do and they'll do it. 

Close your sales letter with a strong P.S. that outlines the benefits they're going to receive and repeat your guarantee, telling there's no risk for them to order now. Everybody will read your P.S. that's grabbed by your headline.

And make sure to give the customer a link to click in the P.S. in case the mood strikes them. 

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Set up an autoresponder on your web site

This will allow you to capture the email addresses from the people who requested your Free Report or Ebook. 

You will be able to follow up with them later! This will triple, or even 
quadruple your sales conversions.

Autoresponders are very effective. They work day and night for 
you, 24/7, and what's more: they are never sick, always arrive 
on time, and never ask for a raise or vacation :-)

You are probably reading this Ebook, because you have left your 
name and email address on a sign up form on my web site.

The form has grabbed your name and address, emailed you the 
download link back for this Ebook, then sent your information to my 
autoresponder service, and placed your address into a database.

I have 24/7 access to this database, containing hundreds of email 
addresses from people like you who requested my information, and 
I can command my virtual assistant "Otto" to send a (personalized) 
message to this list, at the times that I want. 

- Don't worry, email addresses are 100% safe with me. I never rent or sell them to others. I fully respect your privacy.

This type of email use is called "Follow-Up Marketing", and it's the MOST profitable way to do business on the Internet. 

You may get thousands of visitors to your web site, but if you 
don't capture their email addresses, you will never be able to sell to them.

Be honest: how many times did you order a product from a web 
site that you visited for the first time?

I know I never did... because I like to know first who I'm dealing 
with before I spend my money... 

And a great way to introduce yourself to your future clients is keep contact with them... by using an autoreponder!

It's a proven fact that autoresponders will dramatically increase 
your sales. There are many services on the Internet that offer 
free or paid autoresponders.

Here's a 100% FREE one - without ads, and unlimited messages:


TIP: You can already get an ad free autoresponder there for only $24 a year! It's the best deal I have found on line.

Here's an example of how to make money with your autoresponder:

Let's suppose you are giving away a free report -one that you have created and that contains valuable information or tips- from your site.

You ask people to leave their name and email address on your site if they want to download the report, and when they do, Otto sends them an instant message where they can download the report.

Now, imagine that 600 people have requested your report... You will have all their 600 names and email addresses in your autoresponder database -also called Opt-In List... 

. well,
this list is worth PURE GOLD! 

Ok, now you search for an Ebook (or any other product) that offers an affiliate program on the Internet, a product that your list members may find interesting too...

... got it? :-)

                       Ok, now let's make money...

You sign up for the affiliate program, and send out a review -or your own recommendation- of the product, woven with your own talk or article, to your Opt In list. 

Of course you place your own affiliate link below the article, pointing 
people to the sales page for the book... where they can find out 
more about the product.

Do you see the potential power of this marketing method? You'll see order notifications arrive in your mailbox within hours, or minutes! 

Take it from me, the Internet is such a fast medium, giving results 
in a very short period. All it takes is some time to
write compelling
ad copy
and a simple click on the "SEND" button :-)

Now, tell me, are you ready to follow-up with every visitor to 
your web site?

You may not realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going 
to learn about the biggest breakthrough to hit the Internet in a 
very long time.

The secrets contained in the
"Auto Responder Secret Courses" 
report can't be found anywhere else.

Instead of just telling you that you need to follow-up with prospects, 
"Auto Responder Secret Courses" actually gives you 7 professionaly written generic courses that you can put to work immediately.

Here's one of their examples that I use... and that you can use too...

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Pro with 3 Tutorials"
sign up form in action
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"Auto Responder Secret Courses" gives you this same email course 
for FREE! All you need to do is drop in your information and you're 
off and running.

Just think about owning 7 autoresponder messages that you can 
put to work immediately
in your business, no matter what you sell...

Did you know that some of the so-called Internet experts would have 
you believe that everyone who visits their web site buys on the spot?

If you believe that, you have a long way too go...

Nothing could be further from the truth. What they don't tell you is 
that they use an automated delivery system to handle consistent, 
persistent follow-up.

Can you afford to lose one single prospective customer? Of course not. This is why online professionals use autoresponders to their advantage.

"Auto Responder Secret Courses" gives you the unique opportunity to compete with the big boys! This fantastic report was written by two sales and marketing professionals, Teresa King and Patty Baldwin.

Not only do these ladies explain the concept of an automated delivery 
system, they have actually included 7 Pre-written Courses with images and a hot headliner that you get to use as is or change to suit your needs and you sign your name to them! This is an absolute "must have" tool to add to your arsenal.

Offer more than your competition. 
Give way free Bonus gifts when people place an order from your site! Make it something of value.


TIP: It can be an Ebook you've purchased with Reprint Rights, or any  other Information Product. Just make it something the reader will find useful.
Create an exclusive graphic for your Free Report or Ebook to 
increase requests or downloads. 

Did you notice the software box graphic for my "Internet Marketing 
Success Tips Course"
when you opened this book?
I made it myself... and I never had any artistic talent :-)

Be honest, it caught your attention, didn't it? And you probably 
signed up to receive my email course, right? 

So, it worked :-)

Good looking covers make an instant impression. But creating an 
Ebook Cover Graphic is something that most of us don't have the 
knowledge or talent to... and so we had to pay as much as $100 
just for ONE Ebook Cover... until now! 

Armand Morin, well known from his Ebook Generator software, 
has created the eCover Generator software, to help us all out... 
and save lots of money :-) 

You can now make your own custom, highly professional Ebook Covers  easily in MINUTES. eCover Generator does all the work for you. This is NOT just a piece of software that offers a couple of worn out templates!   eCover Generator actually makes 3 sided boxes, 2 sided boxes or Ebook covers! It is the ONLY software on or off the net that can do this!
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Sign up for the "Affiliate Master Course"

This intensive 5-Day e-mail course, written by Dr Ken Evoy, will show you how to become a high-earning affiliate champion! 

This is top notch info, and you really MUST read this if you're into selling on the Internet! - It's also FREE!

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How To Set Up Your Own Affiliate Program with Clickbank

Clickbank is a real-time credit card processing company, that makes it easy for small business owners to set up their own affiliate program, without having to pay for an expensive merchant account.

Many Ebook authors use the service to sell their books on line. I have been using Clickbank for years to sell my own products, and am very satsified with their service. 

Clickbank also offers an excellent 2-tier program. Refer new merchants, and they will pay you 10 cents every time a link sale is made through your referral and they will pay 5 cents for sub-associate sales, as well as $10 per activated merchant and $5 for sub-associate sales. 

You can open a FREE Clickbank account and become an affiliate for 
hundreds of products in minutes. No set up fee involved, this is free 
to join!

But if you're thinking about selling your own products, or setting up 
your own affiliate program,
you need to get your own account.

FREE "How To Use Clickbank" Ebooks

Tom Hua from the
"Ebook WholeSalerClub" has compiled a FREE E-Book called: "Working with ClickBank". 

The book provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up everything you need to start, and it contains pictures of every step you need to make. 

If you would like to accept credit card payments on your web site, without the cost of a merchant account, then you're going to LOVE this info! 

Once you have downloaded the E-book, you can sell and resell it if 
you like (the reselling price suggestion is 9.97$) or you may give it 
away to others for FREE, it's totally up to you :-) 

And hey, why not use Clickbank to sell it? :-) After all, this is a great 
product! You can download the E-book
by simply clicking this link.

(If the download link doesn't work, please let me know by clicking here, and I'll email you a copy of the book asap.)

And here's another Clickbank Ebook, "Selling Through ClickBank" by 
Kenneth Yang.

Kenneth's book is different in ONE unique way (among others): it teaches ClickBank (and PayPal) users how to protect their "thank-you" pages from being accessed by freebie-scammers using a simple PHP redirect script that they can type up in Notepad and upload in less than a minute :-)

And the great thing is that this script is free to use. No need to pay 
nearly $40 bucks for some other script that purportedly does the same thing - albeit in a slightly different manner.

You can download Kenneth's Ebook
by clicking here

How to use the power of an endorsement to make more affiliate sales

As you've probably know, sending out an endorsements to your own Opt-In List or Ezine is one of the best ways to promote an affiliate program.

I'm not talking about using SPAM, this is unrequested commercial email. Never use bulkmail to try to convince people to buy from you! And don't ever email someone without their permission -people hate it... 

...and in the worst case, you can loose your ISP or be dropped from the affiliate program you promote... 

... and loose all your commissions :-)

If you have an Ezine or a list of people who have given you permission to send them your updates and news, a personal endorsement is the best way to make an affiliate sale.

People who requested to receive your information trust you, and these same people will buy your products if you can tell them what the program can do to help them -or their business. 

Always be honest when you write a testimonial. It's best to buy and test the product that you're going to sell to your list for yourself. 

Never make false promises that can't be fulfilled, or you will loose your 
reputation... and your credibility!

Once you have set up your own affiliate program with Clickbank, I'm 
sure you'll be interested in Jimmy Brown's FREE E-book, called; "How 
to Earn a Full-Time Living Online In 2 Easy Steps!" 

This book shows you how you can let other people sell your products on the Internet, without you having to spend another penny on advertising again! The book comes FREE, and also includes FREE distribution rights, so you may give it away or sell it. 

"How to Earn a Full-Time Living Online In 2 Easy Steps!" contains 
the first chapters of the official
"Free Advertising System", but you'll find the information in it to be very valuable for your on line business.

If you are interested in NEVER spending another penny on advertising 
and yet watching your sales skyrocket... then download the E-book 
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The following web sites offer great information about using 
affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing tips and resources, industry news and interactive email discussions hosted by Ola Edvardsson. 

This site offers a huge directory of affiliatea or associate programs.

By Allan Gardyne. A categorized and searchable directory of over 1000 
revenue sharing programs, recommended programs, reviews, discussion 
board, etc.

Recommended Reading:

"How To Outsell Other Resellers And Become A Super Affiliate"
by Jimmy D. Brown

"Easy Ways To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition 
No Matter What Program You Are Promoting..."

Click Here to get Master Reprint Rights to this course. 
A $97.00 value - FREE!

Below is a list of Ebooks that you can resell.

These are all high-quality programs that can make you good money in the long end. 

Have a look and pick the ones that suit you:

"The Ezine Resource Guide"
100% royalty-free reprint rights license is included with your 
copy -sell the "Ezine Resource Guide" for $14.97 and keep 
every penny! Backend commissions! Insert YOUR affiliate link 
to numerous backend products that earn you 50% commission 
on any sales generated. Sponsorship advertising! Brand EACH 
PAGE of the "Ezine Resource Guide" with a classified ad of 
YOUR CHOICE. Promote your website, affiliate program, your 
own Ezine -whatever you wan
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"Profit Pulling Ebooks" 
This "Viral Marketing Bible" offers you not only the best Ebook 
Marketing and Promotion tips, and a great sales page, but 
gives you also a hefty 75% discount on the great "Ebook 
Creator" Software.

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"How To Create Killer Mini Sites that Sell Like Crazy"
A deep down dissection of the most successful mini sites on 
the web and exclusive access to the 9-block formula for 
creating killer mini sites. Comes with complete rights to sell 
this product, plus the option to customize the Ebook, and 
earn money from the affiliate links inside the Ebook.
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"FreeToSell Ebook Package"
Tom Hua's Ebook Package is one of the most popular on the 
Internet. Already joined by 3,000 members, this is the King 
of Ebook Reselling Packages. Over 70 of the best Marketing 
and Promotion Ebooks to sell individually, or in one package, 
from your own site. A great way to earn extra income!

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"Profit Pulling Newsletters"
Earn $50,000 a year with your email list. All you need to know  about getting started, and milk your list for everything it's worth!

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"Ezine Ad Profits"
Discover exactly how to write a killer ad that gets results 
every time, and which 35 E-zines are the best places to publish your ads in. Comes with web site and all the graphics. Affordable to obtain, at only $9.97, so you'll get your money back in no time!
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"Instant Info-Products"
Get an arsenal of high-demand information products with a ready- to-use web page and sales letter, and a complete turnkey system that guarantees your success!
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"Ebook Monster Package"
Pam Renovato created an Ebook package, containing 18 never 
before seen re-sellable products! Create multiple streams of 
income with these Ebooks! Only $2.62 per  licence!" 

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"Building Your Automatic Money Machine"
Discover how to earn piles of cash 24/7!
For just $17.00 you'll get the best Automation Manual ever. Plus you get the rights to resell this Ebook and keep 100% of the profits! Comes with a complete sales site and custom graphics.
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"Traffic Virus 3.0"
Wouldn't it be nice if  someone had a useful product to market your web business -for free? Wouldn't it be nice if you could get in on the ground floor of an incredible opportunity and you  didn't have to pay to do it? That time has arrived. You can download and sell "Traffic Virus 3.0" right now! Free web site and custom graphics!
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"Web Site and Ezine Promotion Made Easy"
This web promotion manual comes with full resale rights. You 
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Mini-Site, the download page, all the bonus gifts and custom 
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The Internet changes fast. You've got to stay up-to-date and on top of things in order to succeed with your on line business.

In other words, you need "insider" information about where to advertise and how best to market, based on proven results and not just some worn out theories.

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Terry takes you by the hand and show you exact results of all the Internet Marketing Techniques he tests and uses Every Single Month! 

What you'll be shown is everything you need to know about 
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Inside this "members only" site you discover all his secrets. 
I highly recommend you take a look today. 

You'll have access to:

Fresh web marketing reports on up-to-the-minute tactics
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It would take you hours of research to find all this information 
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Terry's site is one of the most informative resources you'll ever find.

Happy earning!

Dirk Dupon

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