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For a Healthy Pond You Need Pond Plants
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Pond plants are not just to make your pond look pretty. Did you know that the regular care and maintenance of plants in a pond is very important to keeping the pond healthy? So make sure include healthy plants in the design of your pond.

A popular pond plant is the bare-rooted waterlily. To prepare a waterlily for planting you will need to cut the foliage back to the crown. This is because the leaves may act as a buoyancy factor and lift the plant right out of the container. You will also need to trim the roots and get rid of any signs of decay on the rootstock.

Spring is a good time to divide the waterlily plants. To do this you will need to lift and wash each plant and remove any adult foliage. Each plant consists of a main rootstock which will have several shoots grown into branches. These branches will need to be kept by cutting them from the main plant and maintaining as much rootstock as possible. The branches can be planted to form new plants.

Submerged pond plants need vigorous young shoots to do well when planted. When you are preparing new bunches of cuttings from existing plants you need to remove some healthy sprigs and then wrap a thing strip of lead around the base to hold the sprigs down under water. Be sure to bury the lead completely do it does not rot.

An easy way to grow plants in a pond is to use containers. This is because the maintenance is easier as the different varieties of plants can be lifted and divided when needed. This keeps them from invading each others territories which also keeps them healthier. A good container for aquatic plants is an open latticework-sided container. These are good because they allow a healthy exchange of gases that is not possible in a closed pot.

Keeping your pond well maintained will mean maintaining the plants as well. Aquatic plants appreciate a top dressing pea gravel after a long winter. You should also inspect them to see if they need to be divided and get rid of any stray shoots. After winter is the perfect time to remove plant remains.

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