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Cherry Trees Are a Beautiful and Hearty Plant Which Will Enhance Anyone’s Property
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Famous throughout the world as being one of the most beautiful types of tree, cherry trees are a highly prized addition to anyone’s landscaping job.

Many of the most impressive trees originated in Japan but have since been shipped to North America where they have also thrived due to similar temperate climates. Most of the popular varieties of cherry trees will reach a maximum height of around 40 to 45 feet, which is relatively short for a fully grown mature tree.

Nonetheless, between the beautiful flowers and the scrumptious fruits of this tree, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

An important note to remember when purchasing your first cherry trees is that they should be younger than five years, as the less mature trees transplant much easier than more mature specimen.

If you are looking for a cherry tree solely based on its fruits, you essentially have a choice between three different varieties. Firstly, you can choose a tree which provides sweeter cherries which are generally either of the black or white cherry varieties. These trees are known as the dessert cherries and are generally used for, as the name implies, making cherry based desserts.

Alternatively, you can purchase cherry trees which are more for culinary use and therefore much sourer. Cherries from sour trees can come in a variety of different shapes and colors but have a much different taste than those which are categorized as sweet.

Finally, a recent breed are the Duke cherries which are somewhere in between sweet and sour. For those looking for simple table cherries to accent meals, the Duke trees are probably the best choice.

While there are those who prize the cherry trees’ fruits, others more greatly enjoy the beautiful blossoms of a cherry tree in the springtime. The blossoms of cherry trees are so romantic and stunning that people from around the world congregate in cities throughout Japan and to Washington, D.C. in the United States just to witness the spectacle of the cherry trees in bloom.

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