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The Advantages Of A Tea Bag
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The tea bag is used in place of the tea strainer. The use of bags has an accidental origin. A tea importer from the US placed samples of tea leaves in a silk sachet for convenience to the prospective buyers. The prospective buyers then placed the entire bag in the tea pot thinking that it was supposed to be the intention of the tea importer.

The first bags were made of silk but later were made with gauze or paper. The tea bag paper is similar to the material that makes up the coffee and milk filters. It is a mixture of fibers which is usually the pulp of the abaca hemp. The abaca hemp is a small tree usually grown in Colombia and the Philippines.

The tea bag was produced commercially during the early 20th century. Though tea leaves are still in production and very much in demand among tea lovers, mainstream marketing of bags is very successful. Almost 80 % of available teas in the market are available in bags. The loose tea leaves are used by traditionalists and tea lovers with sensitive taste or personal preferences.

The tea bag can be compared to the fast food business. So the main problem can also be perceived as a question of freshness. Although loose tea leaves are not really that fresh, the tea leaves inside a tea bag can become too cramped into a small space resulting to a diminished quality. This is the main reason why ardent tea lovers prefer the loose tea leaves and brew their own concoctions from bags.

Although some tea lovers claim that the tea leaves inside the tea bags have a very poor quality and so results in an unpleasant tea taste, there are still a large number of tea lovers who claim otherwise. Nevertheless, the use of bags is still regarded very convenient and is therefore a successful commodity in the market.

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