SAVE MONEY by Turning Your House GREEN

          15 In-Depth Conservation Steps plus
        Dozens of Everyday Tips to Reduce Utility Costs

From: Richard Rossbauer

Dear Concerned Citizen and family provider,

We hear about it every day on  television news - or read about it in our newspapers -
"Our air is becoming toxic, the ground is filling up with chemicals,  our dependence on petroleum-based products has skyrocketed into the stratosphere!"

It's enough to alarm anyone raising a family and being concerned about environmental  threats to healthy living.

Pollution of our environment and rising fuel costs are serious issues and the high cost of energy is impacting every single one of us in a very negative manner. Have you ever wondered what you can do to help combat these undesirable trends?

If you have,  then you are in the right place. Conservation can save money and protect the environment, but it isnít just about big business doing it. Conservation and reducing utility costs begins at home. We can all do our part and and use what we save for some of the more important things to benefit our families  .

ďTurn Your House GreenĒ
is just what you need to discover all the areas you can address in your own home!

 Itís all about becoming aware of the small things we can all do to make our homes more ecologically friendly and save money.

Certainly extremely important during these financially strained times.

A simple example - Check all your pipes, faucets, and toilets for leaks to prevent water from being wasted. Even small drips of water from leaking pipes can amount to gallons of water being wasted in a year. Check your water system at least twice a year to prevent any leaks from happening or to quickly repair existing ones.

Another example - Keep the AC unit to fan setting first for about 10 to 15 minutes before using it's cooling setting to get rid of the hot air from the vicinity of the AC unit  

Phantom Energy Users - many appliances continue to draw power even when turned off and are not in use. If you aren't going to use them for any length of time - pull the plugs.
There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to creating our own environmental plan for going green at home. The book has dozens more easy to implement cost cutting reminders.  Plus, we can teach our children how to be thrifty and help preserve the planet and save the environment as well.

Donít wait! This is too important. Get your copy and start putting it to work in your home right now!


       Look at the different ways you will learn how to reduce your
         energy costs and become more environmentally friendly:

How is Your Candle Power? Ė this is a really bright idea ∑
       steps 11 and 12
Water Heater Woes Ė find out all about how your water works and what you can do to improve performance Ė also the new instant hot water heaters are really neat ∑- step 13
Drip-Drip-Drip - not only can a dripping faucet keep you awake itís
throwing money down the drain - literally - steps 1 and 2
Do You Need a Blanket? Ė learn how just a little bit of insulation can go a long way ∑ - step 3
How's Your Head er Throne? Ė we donít talk about it but this is a huge water gobbler ∑-step 7
Water, Water Every Where Ė how to conserve on showers, baths and yes, even flushing ∑ - step 6
Let the Sun Shine Ė nope, itís not a 60ís song lyric ∑ - step 10
Have You Been Audited? Ė no, itís not what you think Ė in fact itís free and you probably arenít even aware of it  - step 14
 Does Your Thermostat Measure Up? Ė discover the different types of
thermostats and how one small change can make a difference - step 9∑
How to Install Weather Stripping - you can do it if you try - step 8
Keeping Your Cool Ė do we really need to reach for the A/C switch every time itís a bit warm ∑ - step 5
Appliance Know-How Ė just what do those labels mean ∑- step 4
 Getting Everyone Pitching in to Help  - Step 15
 Bonus Money Saving Tips - Tips 16 to 25

Again, there is no such thing as too much conservation. Just think back over the past few years and remember all those headlines you watched, heard, and read about - global warming - oceans rising - running out of oil -greenhouse gases destroying the ozone layer - climate change - atmospheric pollution, an on and on.

Something needs to be done and done Quickly! Donít leave this  problem for our children and grandchildren to solve.

Starting right now, today, take the steps to conserve energy, conserve water, protect the environment and save money,

                   Do it now - Donít wait until itís too late!

There are 15 Important main steps on conservation, dozens of other tricks and 10 Bonus Money Saving tips in this 60 page Guide.

    Regular Price is $12.95

You can make a difference. You just need to know what to do and how to do it. ďTurn Your House GreenĒ teaches how to do just that.

Truly an outstanding investment at $12.95  but because the purpose here is to save money and protect our fragile environment,  I have cut that price to less than half!

How can you go wrong for $5.95?


      You'll save that much with the very first tip when opening your
     Turn Your House Green eBook... and you can download and
 start using those tips within minutes of placing your order

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  The guide includes even more bonus links to Free resources - like-
          Things you should know before investing in solar energy
          Alternative Energy Ė Renewable Energy - Green Energy
          Easy Ways to Recycle
Saving Energy and Money - Energy Saving Facts

Thank You,

    P.S. I'm so confident that this inexpensive ebook can make your life more comfortable and save you money that I'll give your money back if, within 60 days of your order, you aren't satisfied with the information and guidelines it contains.
       No Questions Asked!

      P.P.S. Itís win-win for you. You get this amazing book AND
      you get to use all of valuable information it contains!

Remember - There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to reducing utility coats and creating our own environmental plan at home.

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