10 or More Ways QR Codes Can
Help Local Marketers Promote Their
Businesses to Smartphone Shoppers


When Used Properly, QR codes are an Inexpensive Way
to Increase Smartphone Shoppers' Awareness of Local Businesses

They are easy to make, and people will often scan the code 

when there is a good incentive for them to do so.


These video lessons cover the proper way to

deploy QR Codes in your Marketing Campaign


More than 60 % of scans are by men - 40% by women Most searched for content was Electronic followed by Food and Beverages QR scan results Must be useful and valuable
ScanLife, (www.scanlife.com ) in their Mobile Barcode Trend Report for the First Quarter of 2014 looked at 21.8 million scans and highlighted the facts that nearly 60% of scans are by Males and 40% by women, who were looking for - - - Product information, followed by video. The most searched for content was Electronic, followed by Food and beverage industries getting the most action.  For the public user to feel that their not too insignificant effort to actually scan a QR code was a worthwhile effort . . . the marketer, business, and QR code publisher must engage the scanner with a workable, value packed experience.

This short video of
“11 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your QR Codes Deliver First Rate Results”
is a perfect Check List for Local Businesses using QR Codes in their Marketing Campaigns



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