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The Black Eyed Susan Vine is a Great Alternative to Common Variety Flowering Plants
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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When it comes to simple flowering plants, you want something that is easy to grow and maintain which will not require you to jump through a variety of hoops in the hope your plant will produce only one decent flower. As one of the easiest possible plants to grow, the Black Eyed Susan vine can give you plenty of satisfaction without having to spend days and days getting everything trimmed to perfection.

By simply placing the Black Eyed Susan vine in proper sunlight and watering it on a regular basis, the plant will reach a height of at least ten feet. The flowers which the vine sprouts are unique and beautiful and are characterized by their dark black or brown centers hence the name Black Eyed. You can buy the vine in a variety of flowering forms, including such colors as white, yellow, gold or cream. Also, you can grow the Black Eyed Susan vine up from a seed or purchase a young seedling plant that has already begun to flower.

The most common purchasable form of the vine is, however, the seed form which you can pick up at nearly any nursery or hardware store. Unlike many other popular plants, the Black Eyed Susan vine is extremely easy to grow from seed, making it a good starter plant for people wishing to learn how to better grow plants from seed. You should begin growing your plant by sowing the seeds sometime in the late winter or early spring for maximum growth results.

After your last frost date (for those living in harsher climates) you should begin watering the seeds until they sprout into seedlings. Once you have noticed the seedlings spring from the ground, place a stake nearby and begin coaxing the seedlings to twine up the stake. Alternatively you can allow the vine to sprawl out across the ground, but it will take hold of anything in its path, so you will generally want to give it a little more control. As long as you remember to water and fertilize the vine regularly, your plant will grow large and healthy in no time.

Also, if you live in areas where it gets cold and frosty, be sure to bring the plant indoors before the first frost or the winter will kill your Black Eyed Susan vine.

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