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With its Magnificent Flowers, the Trumpet Vine is a Worthy Addition to any Garden
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The trumpet vine is an absolutely beautiful vine which is a worthwhile addition to nearly any garden atmosphere. It is commonly known throughout the world as the trumpet vine, the cow itch vine or the trumpet creeper. Although it is widely recognized by its beautiful large flowers which are shaped like a trumpet, the trumpet vine is a vigorous woody plant which can grow to be quite large if not kept under control by pruning on a regular basis.

Furthermore, this particular vine is a member of the Bignoniacae family of vine plants and is most commonly found in the southeastern United States in the woodlands. While the southeast is its native habitat, the vine grows well in nearly any climate zone in the United States, especially in the warmer regions.

When the trumpet sprouts new leaves, they will be of a light green in color and, as they mature, will gradually fade into a deep green. When it is time for the trumpet vine to flower, you will see buds form in groups of four to twelve, resulting in large patches of flowers in certain spots.

Many of the common flowers found on the vine are red or orange in color, progressing to a yellow as the flower attaches itself to the vine. They commonly flower in the summer months or after several weeks of warm weather. Hummingbirds are particularly attracted to the flowers, and are able to drink the nectar from them. Also, birds of all kinds find the dense foliage provided by the trumpet vine as a great place to nest during the summer months.

Despite its beautiful flowers, the trumpet should not be mistaken as a gently growing bush. As with many species of vine, the trumpet grows vigorously and latches on to anything it can weave its tendrils around. Various gardening experts recommend “ruthless pruning” as any damage you may accidentally cause to the trumpet vine will simply repair itself by next year.

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