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Spyware Protection Is A Must
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Let's face it: if you have a computer -no matter the type, make, or how much it cost, no matter the operating system or if it was recommended by your best friend, whatever computer you have, if it is hooked up to the internet, you absolutely must have spyware protection.

Spyware is a group of programs that you can accidentally download while downloading something else that's much more innocuous, such as a shopping program, a child's tutorial, or even a program that teaches you how to surf about the internet. The way to identify this type of software is twofold. First, you've never heard of the company that made the program. Reputable companies like Microsoft and Sun Systems won't impose spyware on your system.

The other way to identify these less than reputable (and deservedly so) companies is that the software will be free. This is not to say, by any means, that all of the free software out in cyberland is embedded with spyware, but you should assume that it is.

You'll know that you've been infected when you are suddenly redirected to web pages that you didn't want to go to (most of them which are selling something); by your computer slowing down to a snail's pace; and by receiving pop ups at a rate that you've never seen before, to the point that you'll feel popular at first, and then soon despise all advertising in the world, because, essentially, you'll be getting a world of ads.

There are numerous means to achieve spyware protection. One of these is with a registry cleaner. This keeps not only spyware, but other unimportant software from remaining in your computer for very long.

However, you truly don't want spyware in your computer even for a second. For this, there is basic computer security. Most people keep their security low or little better, at the default setting. Neither of these acts as dependable spyware protection. Only the highest settings will do.

Finally there are firewalls. They are expensive so many people neglect to purchase them. This is a major mistake. As well, there are other programs that can ensure fine spyware protection, so just ask an expert, they'll be glad to help.

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