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The Differences Between Spyware And Adware
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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By now the term Spyware has slipped through nearly everyone's ears at least once or twice. Yet another term that is beginning to surface is Adware. These terms, while often used interchangeably, are indeed different on the whole. This article will discuss the differences between spyware and adware.

First let's examine spyware. This is insidious programming which is lodged in the code of another, harmless software that must be downloaded onto a computer before it can operate on your system. While it is illegal to put anything onto another's computer without their knowledge, the legalities are skirted when a person clicks on the EULA, the user agreement section. This is a piece of text that is often very large, and for this reason goes unread by most people. Or if read, the wording is so technical that only a lawyer would understand its meaning.

When spyware is installed into a computer it can be used to relay vital information, such as bank account numbers. Another serious problem is that some code writers will utilize spyware to simply destroy the information on a person's computer. This is done out of revenge or cruel urges to vandalize another's property.

Where spyware and adware are similar is through a much more innocuous behavior. This is by means of sending advertising to a computer by way of pop ups. A person will know that this has been installed when the same pop ups begin appearing and when their occurrence is much heightened. Another symptom of spyware and adware is redirection. When a website is typed into the address bar at the top of a computer screen but the window redirects instead to a commercial website -often repeatedly, this is an indication of the existence of these two types of software, particularly spyware.

However, the greatest difference between spyware and adware is comparable to mushrooms and toadstools. By definition, mushrooms are edible, whereas toadstools, which truly are mushrooms, are yet distinct as they are also poisonous to humans. Adware is the mushroom to the toadstool of spyware. This is as adware, by definition, does not steal vital personal information, nor destroy intellectual property. It may collect web browsing habits and send this information to a mainframe, but only with the permission of the computer owner.

Spyware, on the other side of the coin, as mentioned before, is everything from dishonest to downright ruthless and criminal. In a nutshell, adware is research while spyware is a hellgate that puts a computer owner into the deepest recesses of technological Tartarus.

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