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What Spyware Registry Does
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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As spyware and other forms of malware begin to increase in number of attacks on computer users across the world, some basic anti-spyware programs should be installed in computers from San Diego to Timbuktu. One of these first protection forms of software is spyware registry.

Spyware registry, also known as registry cleaner, is a program designed to be used with Microsoft Windows. This is especially relevant as it is Microsoft Windows which is the most receptive to penetration of security by spyware. The reason for this is not for lack of good software on the part of Microsoft per se (as the case of attack is true for other operating systems as well). However, due to the success of Windows, it is the primary target as it is the world's most common and popular operating system.

The "registry" implies the collective of software programs that are installed on a computer at any given time. These are added to over time, with such programs as animation, flash jokes, and internet video players. Unfortunately, this also includes spyware, which gets downloaded with these other, less harmful programs.

The spyware registry removes any redundant or unnecessary programs. The reason for this -in general, is that more programs equates to a slower computer, thus reducing overall performance. This is especially disconcerting when programs may exist that were required only one time. Worse yet is when spyware attaches itself to a computer, thus truly causing a great deal of damage.

As mentioned before, Microsoft is not the only company making spyware registry. The people that are making spyware are now branching out to other operating systems are so makers of other op systems are finding themselves also under attack and for this have begun developing their own 'registry firewall.'

As the registry cleaners are not true firewalls, they should be only the beginning of a virtual wall of protection for every computer. True firewalls are a necessity. As well, every computer should have its security setting on maximum, and this should be verified from time to time as some programs, should they get into a system, can change the security setting!

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