Backyard fun for the whole family

Backyard Fun for the Whole Family

With gasoline prices increasing again, why travel? Spending time at home does not have to be boring. You can have fun right in your own backyard. With a little imagination your backyard can be a fantastic source of outdoor fun for the whole family.

Splishing and Splashing

Why not turn your backyard into a miniature water park of fun this year? For tiny tots get a kiddie pool and fill with water. The cost of a larger pool for older kids will easily be covered in the amount of gas you save running to and from the pool, not to mention park fees.

Get a sprinkler and let the kids loose. A sprinkler can provide hours of fun for kids. Slip and slide toys can be purchased at any major retail store and are a blast to play on!

Throw a Backyard Party

One of the best ways to enjoy your yard is to share it with others. Invite some friends over and have a barbecue. Turn your yard into a Hawaiian luau with colored lights and flower decorations. Plan a scavenger hunt for the kids. Anything is twice as much fun when friends are involved.

Go Camping at Home

This year camp out in your own backyard. Throw up the pup tents, build a small fire in the grill and roast hot dogs. Stay up late singing songs and telling stories. Enjoy being close to the bathroom.

Create a Haven at Home

Place comfortable chairs and swings in the yard. Add colorful pillows. Plant flowers for beauty. Find out which flowers butterflies like and plant some of those. Place some bird feeders in the yard. Have some small tables and games like checkers readily available. Fly paper airplanes in the yard. Provide shady areas to relax in - make it restful and enjoyable to be at home.

Plan for Fun

Schedule family activities such as a scavenger hunt that lets all ages get involved. Have a Mexican fiesta night and hang a piñata for the kids. Go on a back yard bug hunt. Make a nature journal of all the birds that come into your yard. Hang bags of string for nest making and make pine cone bird feeders.

Your back yard can be a wonderful source of fun and entertainment for everyone in the family - from grandpa down to the little ones. All it takes is some planning on your part.



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