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A Child Obesity Program Can Help Reduce Weight Problems
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The key to the health of our children worldwide, and especially in the United States, is a child obesity program that works to prevent the problem - not one that tries to work after the issue is already a crisis.

These programs are beginning to spring up across the country and they are focusing on the child and the whole problem of eating healthy, exercising regularly, self-image and eating disorders. All of these are part of the strategy to ensure a child with a proper body mass index.

The body mass index, BMI, is the evaluation of the weight of a person balanced against the height of that person. This tool for measuring the weight health of a person can be very useful when trying to determine if a child is entering that dangerous area where their weight becomes an issue.

Parents must be careful that they do not become obsessive about a childís weight, wanting to keep them healthy and stop them from becoming overweight, since a childís self image is reflected clearly in their parentís perception of them.

The programs to help avoid children from becoming obese set out guidelines in parental behavior to help encourage their children to keep a healthy body weight as well as how to deal with kids whose weight is high without giving them a poor self image. Acceptance is as important as encouragement.

The programs also give guidelines on how to change the way your children eat and what they eat. A child obesity program will show parents that it is not just what food is consumed by their children but how it is eaten.

It is also important to have foods from all five food groups; these include vegetables, grains, dairy, fruit and meat. As well, it is important not to discourage snacks, we all snack, but to instead encourage eating healthy snacks.

Make eating a pleasant experience, family meals help children eat better and enjoy mealtime instead of just filling themselves quickly with whatever they can find. The guidelines discourage fast food as much as possible since it carries a lot of calories and so is not healthy. Exercising for at least an hour daily is also highly recommended since burning off calories helps to keep weight in check.

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