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There is a Child Obesity Solution
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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The best child obesity solution is to watch your child’s weight from the time they are young without becoming obsessed with it. At one time it was more common to want your baby to be a chubby little one until people learned that a fat baby does not necessarily grow up to be a slim adult. The only way to fix the problem of obese children is to begin young with a proper diet that has less fats, carbs and sugars and does not consist of a high proportion of fast foods.

Remember that solutions to the obesity problem start young and follow the guidelines that some of the programs suggest. For example, never use food as a reward. That sends all the wrong signals. There are many other things to offer as rewards like a favorite activity, a trip to the park or zoo or staying up later than usual. Make meal times a family time. This avoids children just grabbing whatever fills them that moment and makes eating a pleasant and longer event. The child is less likely to pig out and more likely to eat the healthy food put on the table. Everyone likes to snack. What you child puts in their mouths is reflected in what you have in the house for them to eat. Instead of pastries and chocolate bars have their favorite fruits and yogurts.

Do not make the child with the weight problem uncomfortable by singling them out. The whole family should eat healthy and exercise daily. This exercise can be in the form of bike riding, walking, skateboarding, or playing a sport like soccer. The child obesity solution is not to suddenly put your youngster on a strict diet and cut out everything they like to eat. Cut back slowly and carefully. Give skim milk instead of homogenized, get low fat cheeses and yogurts. Make sure you buy only lean meats. All these are helpful in the fight to prevent unhealthy overweight children.

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