A Special Report
Helping your children practice safe surfing habits.  

Helping Your Children Practice Safe Surfing Habits.
                                  By Richard Rossbauer
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     Did you know that young people between the ages of 2 and 11 are increasing their use of the Internet at a faster rate than the overall internet user population?

     These Nielsen/NetRatings statistics were reported in the January 2005 issue of PC Magazine™.

     They show that this group of young people doubled the number of web pages they viewed in one year's time

     (The increase for average web users was only about 15 percent for the same period).

     Young boys increasingly viewed entertainment sites like Disney-channel.com and cartoon sites.

     Young girls were more interested in the instant messaging sites like MSN Messenger and AOL
instant messenger.

     This fact should raise an alarm for parents. It does for us!

       Predators are known to lurk in Chat Rooms waiting
   to lure children, especially young girls, into unsafe

      Here are some Internet safety policies and practical
   guidelines that will help make the Internet safer for
   any family:

1. Position the computer monitor so you can see and control
what's showing from the internet.

2. Bookmark child safe web sites so your your children can easily get back to them.

3. Teach children that they should never give out personal
information over the Internet.

4. Make it clear to your children that people in chat rooms are
ALWAYS strangers, no matter how often they chat to them,
and no matter how well they think they know them

5. Take an active interest in your child's activity online.

6. Do NOT use the Internet as a babysitter!

and here's an INVITATION for you to share your experiences with teaching your children how to safely surf the Internet... and pick up some tips on how other parents and grandparents helped their kids.
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Internet Social media and your Childen's Safety  Social networking sites are fun and children want to participate in them. They'll want to build personal profiles and explore the profiles of others, but encourage theme to resist the urge to "tell all".

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