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Creating interesting articles is a great method for promoting yourself or your business.  By following the techniques discussed in this article, you can keep your ideas for new articles flowing and even become an article generating power house.

                            Here is a step by step process on

12 Tips for Generating New Ideas for Article Writing

  1. Subscribe to a dozen RSS feeds on various subjects that interest you the most. Scan through the feeds every morning or at night and select a few articles for thorough reading. After reading the articles, tag them using your own classification system.

   Classifying articles in different categories helps locate them quickly. Use Google's RSS reader for reading and tagging the RSS feeds. You will have access to your categorized articles from any computers connected to the Internet.

  2. To generate topics for your article, use Google's Keyword Tools  You will see a dozen or more keywords based on the search popularity. Follow the tips when selecting topics based on keyword popularity

    Now, take each keyword and do a search in online sites like Digg, Technorati, etc. You will see a number of articles. Read them to generate ideas.

  Then look for top quality PLR (Private Label Rights) content from a source like Nichole Dean's Easy PLR Article Paks and Reports

3. Use a PDA and carry it with you wherever you go. Better yet, get a Smart phone with a camera. You will only carry one gadget for all your communication, organization, and content generation needs.

   Take pictures of interesting places, events, and moments you come across in your daily life. Use the voice recorder of the PDA to record whenever an idea hits you. Every night, transfer the ideas to Google Docs and upload your pictures to flickr if using a PDA, or just transfer them to your computer if you are using a smart phone

4. Go through all the ideas and articles you have recorded in Google Docs and your RSS reader to create new ideas by giving new twists to the old ideas. Combine two or more ideas and change or improve an existing idea to come up with your own idea.

5. Scan through the comments posted by others in forums and the online articles you read regularly. Record interesting ideas, pros and cons of an issue, and strong opinions posted by others in your Google Docs. Leverage the wisdom of the crowd.

6. Use the time like driving, watching TV while exercising in a treadmill, etc. to think about your favorite topics and try to relate to things you observe on the road and on the TV. When you get an idea, record it in your PDA.

7. Have lunch with friends at least once a week. Bounce ideas off them on any topic. Mix ideas from divergent topics to create new ideas in you own subjects.

8. Use a variety of online tools like Technorati, Digg, Delicious, etc. for writing inspiration. Every hour, hundreds of new articles and news stories are posted in these sites. Quickly scan them to hit a few gold nuggets that can serve as springboards for new ideas.
9. Using on-line tools discussed earlier, select an issue and jot down all the pros and cons. Search Google to enhance the idea by adding more pros and cons. Once you have collected a dozen diverse opinions, you will be able to write an article based on those facts in a pro-con format.

10. If you are good at using data for analysis and comfortable in the use of a spreadsheet, draw charts in the spreadsheet and look for patterns in the data. Provide you own interpretation to the data. Illustrate your articles with charts and graphs.

11. Subscribe to a few print magazines on Hobby topics, Family, Travel, etc, and read them regularly. After you finish reading an article, record and save the main points of the articles. 

12. Ask yourself what if, what else, and why not questions on an issue and search the Internet to find answers from different sources. Create new ideas generated from existing materials, provide step-by-step guide for somebody to practice an obvious idea, or offer benefits of practicing an old idea.

...and here are a few more ideas -  write an article review, write an article summary, write an article critique, write an article for a magazine, write an article for publication, write an article analysis, write an article for a newspaper, or write an article for a newsletter.
About the Author -  Richard Rossbauer has been writing about Niche Marketing, helping others create a rewarding web presence, and Online security for many years. His www.RichardPresents.com website also offers tips and tools for doing fun things like family gardening, camping, cooking, bird watching, and other enjoyable activities.
This helpful article may be copied as long as the content and the author's bio are not altered, and the link to his website remains active. 
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