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Identifying and Resolving Duplicate Content Problems

When indexing a page, Search engines use content filters that filter out or remove duplicate content. Too high a percentage of duplicate content can result in lower page ranking and poorer Search Engine results.

These filters not only catch offending pages but legitimate web pages, too. If you understand how filters work and and what steps you can take in designing and adding content to your web pages, you can minimize the chances that the Search engines will penalize your ranking because of identical content.

You should make every effort to avoid BlackHat methods to cheat the Search Engines. However, it is possible that you can accidentally offend the Search engines.

There are two very useful tools that you can use in your effort to minimize duplicate content on your websites -

     1. Search for copies of your page on the web. Find out who may
         have stolen content from your websites by using 

     2. Use a tool like the Similar Page Checker, to analyze and
         determine the percentage of identical content on other website
         pages that have been stolen from you.

    3. Check for duplicate content on pages within your own sites.

Similar Page Checker

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You can also use this tool to see the percentage of your content that was stolen and used on the pages of a content thief's web site.


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