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Eczema Treatment What's A Pregnant Woman With Eczema To Do

Eczema Treatment – What’s a Pregnant Woman with Eczema to Do?

A woman with eczema during pregnancy is swamped with a lot of concerns. Should she continue her typical eczema treatment? Will it not have some nasty effects on the baby she’s carrying in her womb? It’s normal for her to be concerned about both her and her baby’s health when it comes to taking medications, since side effects obviously expose the two of them to certain risks.

1. It is best to talk with your doctor before continuing to take any eczema medications. Some medications are safe for use during pregnancy, while others may cause birth defects. That is why medications are categorized based on their potential effects to a pregnant woman and the baby inside her. Her doctor can help weigh the benefits and risks of continuing with her eczema medications, and advise her accordingly should there be a need for alternative treatments instead.

2. One of the symptoms of eczema flare ups is itchiness. A pregnant woman should be able to rest and sleep a lot to ensure her healthy pregnancy. However, at night, a restful sleep may become extremely difficult to achieve because of severe itching. Because of this, she should ask her doctor for a medication that will relieve this dilemma – a medication without any bad effects to her and her baby’s health.

3. There are many eczema remedies out there that claim to be herbal or all natural. A pregnant woman should not just take them right away without consulting her doctor first. Even though these kinds of medications sound like they’re safe for use, they do not come without side effects. She should never believe right away their claims that they do not endanger the health of a person in any way. The truth is some of these products have been linked to cases of miscarriages, premature births and birth defects.

4. The best thing a pregnant woman with eczema to do is prevent the occurrence of flare ups. She can achieve this by carefully sticking to good skin practices designed especially for eczematous skin. When taking a bath, she should use lukewarm water instead of hot water. A gentle soap should be used, the kind free of fragrances, colorants and other chemicals that may irritate her skin condition. She should remember to apply moisturizers onto the affected skin areas within 2-3 minutes after taking a bath. Moisturizing is a pregnant woman’s first line of defense against flare ups.

5. Stress reduction is advised for every pregnant woman – not just for those with eczema. Of course pregnancy is a stressful phase in a woman’s life. However, she should find ways on how to effectively relax and get rid of thoughts that cause her stress. Stress will only aggravate her eczema. It also has some bad effects such as premature labor and birth, low birth weight and many others.

6. A pregnant woman should be able to point out the triggering factors for her flare ups, and try her best to stay away from them. Some of the most common triggering factors include perfumes, detergents, fabrics like polyester and wool, and others. Excessive heat and cold also causes flare ups. During summer, she should avoid sweating too much by staying in air-conditioned rooms with humidifiers installed. During winter, she should always apply moisturizers to prevent the skin from excessive drying.

Eczema treatment for a pregnant woman is really not at all that tricky, as long as she sticks to the pointers mentioned above, and with regular communication and checkup with her doctor.


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eczema, eczema treatment, eczema relief image

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