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The True Facts on Setting Up Your
Successful Online Niche Business

         To all serious online success seekers:

               Thinking of Starting a Brand New Online Business? 

               Trying to find your True Niche?

              Having Difficulty Selecting a Niche for Your Business?
               Uncertain about How to Start Your Business?
               Need a Boost for a Current Online Business?
or  Help Making Good Business Decisions?

Now YOU can pick the brain of a
TRUE professional, jl Scott, Founder
and Director of the highly acclaimed International Council of Online Professionals*, and find your True niche.


      In "Finding Your True Niche", author jl Scott shares her years of experience
     in the 'real world' of business with true step-by-step guidance in finding your
     best    online niche, and in Part 2 of this comprehensive eBook, "Foundations
      for Business
" - you'll find all the information you need for setting up a legal
     online business.

(*)The organization of the International Council of Online Professionals (iCop™) has been in existence online since 1999. It sets the The Industry Standard for Online Business –
Business Ethics - Consumer Protection - Home Based Business.

As the Director of i-Cop, jl Scott has watched many changes in the online business world.

Her experience in training others goes back to a former career as a corporate reorganization specialist in Orange, California and both Dallas and Austin, Texas.

For 15 years, she worked closely with top management to effect company turn-arounds for businesses in financial distress.

When working with smaller companies, she often found herself in the position of needing to re-train business owners in the finer points of organization, management and professionalism.

In those 15 years, she bailed out nearly 1,000 companies to keep them out of bankruptcy and get them back on the track to success!

      Things have changed; building a successful online business isn't as easy as it
     once appeared to be. But, good basic business practices will always win out.

      In the overall scheme of things, very few businesses make their owners
The thing to shoot for is a good, solid business for the long haul.
    The kind that develops a sterling reputation - and has that almighty staying power.

    In this two part eBook, "Finding YOUR True Niche" and "Foundations for
", you'll have the TRUE information needed to build a successful online
    business! Or, to take one you already have and turn it in a more successful

             What has to happen before anyone can have a
              LONG-TERM, SUCCESSFUL online business?

    If you already HAVE a business on the Web, and it isn't doing what you want it to,
    the difference may simply be in a little extra effort. Other times, folks have tried
    everything they've read from the so-called “experts,” and nothing works as claimed!

   After a while, it becomes time to give that up and BEGIN from a professional

First, you must choose your niche carefully and correctly. This has historically been one of the most difficult things for potential online business owners to do.
Second, you have decisions to make.  Things come up that would NEVER be a problem in a brick and mortar business. It's SO much easier for YOU to use the knowledge in this eBook and be prepared for them, rather than wasting your time with trial and error later.
Then, you need to actually set up your business properly.  Not many  online businesses are actually set up correctly - and this is partly why 99% of them fail. You'll be amazed at the difference this makes in your bottom line. You'll also be amazed at WHY!

    Finding YOUR True Niche" is the report that gives you specific directions for a
   fool-proof way of finding YOUR best product(s)! It allows you to move away from
   the herd.

                          Here's What You'll Discover in
                    "Finding YOUR True Niche":

  The only 100% fool-proof way to find YOUR true business
  Detailed directions for finding what is unique to YOU
  The ONE THING that makes the difference in success and
    failure online
  How to use the "freebie mentality" to YOUR advantage
without giving away the farm
  Why you need to commit to having a REAL business
 and how to do it
  The issues changing business on the Internet and
    how to use them to your advantage
  Your online business challenges and how to deal with them
  How to turn your mistakes into success
  Why you should keep some of your assets,
   even if starting over

    It's also the MOST comprehensive guide for finding your CORRECT niche ever
    published online. If you can't do it after reading this report ... well, the fact is -
    you CAN do it!

    One of the major reasons people fail online is the idea that everyone belongs
    in the same niche – Internet Marketing.

    To tell you the truth, that niche doesn’t do very much. In fact, most people in it
    are wasting their talents. Trying to be a marketing expert with little to sell but
    hype is often a dead-end road, even for the most talented among us.

    And, why waste your natural talents? Nearly everyone has a talent – a skill –
    something they know a lot about or do really well. Learn how to use it in your
    search for your true niche.

        We ALL have a niche. Finding it and using it to your advantage is the
                           smartest thing you'll ever do for your business.

Even if you think you already found it - read this report. You probably have other areas you can use to INCREASE YOUR INCOME! It's called “expansion,” and EVERY business needs to do it to grow! Becoming static will take you down.

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     "Foundations for Business"
is the report that gives you specific directions for
     setting up a successful and PROFESSIONAL online business. Don't be one of
     the 99% who fail!

                      Here's What You'll Discover in
                 "Foundations for Business":

   Why the "biggest con of all" can keep you from being
   The surprising biggest time-wasters that interfere with your
   Who the very WORST people are to do business with
   Everything you need to know about copyright
   How to deal with copyright infringement without it costing
   you any time at all
   The main thing that makes a difference in your success
    or  failure
   How the legalities of setting up a business can keep you
    out  of trouble
   What you can learn from off-line direct marketing
   The online marketing practice that makes you look silly
 and unprofessional
   The one thing that will make the "freebie mentality" work
    for you
- ONLY if used correctly.
   What to consider before setting up an affiliate program
   Your MOST powerful business investment

If you're just starting an online business - or, even thinking about it - the Foundations for Business" report can save you a LOT of grief.

If your current online business isn't doing what you want it to, your answers - and what needs to change - may be right here.


      This "Foundations for Business" Report will show you where mind-sets need
      to be changed to work with the changes in online business today.

      These reports are each 35 pages that cut right to the chase. There's no filler,
        no fluff and no hype.

      They are based on TRUE stories and real-life experience. You'll be able to "see"
      what works and what doesn't.

A personal message from jl Scott:

The World Wide Web is a fast-paced world. Over the past couple of years, I've seen many online businesses fall by the wayside.

Things have changed; it isn't as easy as it once appeared to be. But, good basic business practices will always win out.

This is information you would pay marketing consultants several hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars for - IF they even know! But, you can purchase it here for just a FRACTION of that.

I KNOW how important this information is for YOU to be successful.

You CAN start a successful online business. You CAN rejuvenate your online business. All you need to do is learn from the voice of experience!

Warm regards,

jl scott, ph.d.
Director of iCop

        Don't put it off 'til later, ORDER TODAY!

       Individually valued at $19.95, You can have BOTH reports for only $27.
      (a 32 percent saving). That's 70 pages of the TRULY important information
      to get you started - or revive your online business

      Finding Your True Niche was written especially   
                         for serious entrepreneurs..

   for those who wish to start a business - either online or off
   who are already IN business but feel they're not in the right
       niche for them
   who are bored with the niche they're in and wish to make a
   who feel their businesses are not as successful as they'd like
   those who don't know how to set up their online business
   and for those who feel their businesses aren't as
         professional  as they'd like them to be

     If you share any of these qualities, Now's the Time to order your copy of
     "Finding Your True Niche" and "Foundations for Business".


                       Two vital Success reports in one outstanding eBook

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     P.S. THIS is the material the marketing courses leave OUT! You'll be amazed
     at the information they don't tell you - because THEY DON'T KNOW!

     P.P.S. ... and at this price, you can't afford NOT to read what's in
     "Finding YOUR True Niche"
and "Foundations for Business!”. Order TODAY!


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