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Expert Analyzes The Propriety Of A Shade Shrub For Your Garden
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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No one asked Daisy Matthews why her first name was such, but if ever someone did, she had a ready answer.

"It's because my mom loved gardening," she said. "She loved cultivating daisies. I grew up in a house embraced by a field of yellow."

A native of Ohio, and a proud owner of her own backyard garden, Daisy is very familiar with the sun. Ohio, after all, is situated in the heartland of America, where humid climate prevails most of the year. Though most plants love the sun, quite a number needs to be protected from it.

"If I may add," Daisy responded, "some gardens maximize the space that is available. And some areas of this space will naturally be under the shade of the house, the wall, or other structures in your lot. Plants that will be planted in these areas will not be able to receive maximum amount of sunlight."

Hence, there is a choice that should be made in planning which plants should be planted in a given garden, more particularly, the shaded areas therein. Some plants need a lot of sunlight, yes, but there are some plants that can survive with little amount of the same. The most popular of the latter group are what gardeners like Daisy have labeled as a shade shrub.

"Basically, a shade shrub is a shrub that loves shaded areas. Usually, these shrubs are of a delicate make. Their stems aren't that strong, and their foliage isn't that robust. These are shrubs that will fare poorly against hostile conditions."

But surely, there are some redeeming qualities about a shade shrub.

"In fact, there are many beautiful things about a shade shrub," Daisy continued. "Often, these are the shrubs that boast of intricate leaves, colorful patterns, and elegant shapes. I guess you can't have everything. While these shrubs are rich with beauty, they are not so blessed with strength."

Most popular of these shade loving shrubs are the Rhododendrons. Though they're large, standing over 8 feet tall, they are quite brittle. But their flowers are known to be very pretty, exploding with a variety of colors, including yellow, purple, orange, pink, red and white.

"Bamboos, believe it or not, are also shade lovers," Daisy added. "That's not a problem, though, as bamboos grow better when they have support for their gangly trunks, such as the wall of a house or a fence."

Daisy had one last piece of advice for people contemplating on whether or not they should invest on shade-loving shrubs. "Ask yourself what you need. Do you need shrubs that will just complement the rest of your garden? Or do you need shrubs that can be the centerpieces of your lawn? Your decision should depend on your answer."

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