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Farming is not easy especially if the person is just new to the business. Since this individual is just new, it will be a great idea to do some research and read up to be ready to face what lies ahead.

The greatest threats most farmers encounter are the pests, the diseases that may affect the crops and the weather. Since people cannot control the weather, then that person must focus on the other two.

The best way to do this if the person doesnít have the much money yet is to buy a second hand greenhouse. This structure regardless if it is new or old is still able to do the same function. That is to help the farmer grow crops in a controlled environment and make money in this business.

The first thing the farmer should do is measure the area. By knowing how big is needed, the person can then write it down for easier reference later on when searching for the right greenhouse.

Another thing to think about is the kind of greenhouse that is dependent on the type of weather in the farm. If the area always experiences strong winds, it will be advisable to get the kind made of metal. This will keep the greenhouse on the ground and will not blow over due to a storm.

Panels make up the other half of the greenhouse since it controls the amount of UV light that enter. It. This should also be strong enough to withstand bad weather if it also happens often.

The best kind to have around is the kind made of Plexiglas or plastic. This will save the farmer money in the future since glass often shatters and breaks after a storm.

Another thing that the farmer must anticipate aside from bad weather is the cold winters and the hot summers. The second hand greenhouse should have a heater. If there is none, then the person will just have to buy one.

This can be powered using electricity, gas or oil and the size of the machine will depend on the size of the greenhouse.

Since it could get very hot in the summer, it will be a good idea to have ventilation system installed. This will ensure that there is sufficient oxygen and carbon dioxide for the plants to grow.

The farmer should also attend conferences and conventions about farming to keep up to date on the latest trends. One technique that the farmer can use on the second hand greenhouse is hydroponics farming.

This is done by planting and growing crops using water instead of soil. Tests have shown that this is more effective than traditional farming done on the soil since the plants are able to absorb nutrients faster in the form of liquids.

The farmer will just have to buy certain systems that can mix the nutrients and the water together that will make it easier for the plants to absorb.

In the absence of the farmer who might be busy doing other activities, a timer can also be purchased which will release the liquids at the proper time.

Farming isnít something that people can earn money from monthly. It takes time to plant the crops, let it grow, harvest it then sell it at the market. Buying a second hand greenhouse may speed up the process since it enables the farmer to grow it all year round.

By spending a little money since these greenhouses are a bit expensive and looking at the long term goal, that farmer will be able to compete with those who have been doing it for years.

A second hand greenhouse is only temporary until the farmer has enough money to invest in a new one. Until that time, the farmer should be patient and work hard because eventually, everything will fall into place.

The person can find these in the classified ads of the newspaper, browsing through the internet and talking to fellow farmers and suppliers. By going around these places first and doing a comparison, the person may just find the right kind that will do the job until a new one can be constructed.

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