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From: Richard Rossbauer

     Greetings, Lawn Care provider. Does this sound familiar?

     Saturday morning in suburbia. Just like clockwork, garage doors open and out come the weekend warriors with their weapons at the ready.

     Like a scene straight out of The Stepford Wives with roles reversed, all the mowers are started at the same time and the trusty steeds fall in line and obey their masters as they methodically crisscross the lawn in precise geometric patterns.

     Okay, okay so that's a bit of exaggeration. But you must admit, it’s a pretty familiar scenario, right? The only thing missing is all of the white knights chatting over the hedge about which mower is the best and how to have the greenest lawn on the block!

     Well listen up trusty White Knight. You CAN win the battle of Bermuda - Bermuda grass that is.

     If you are serious about winning the weekend trophy of having the best looking lawn on the block, pay attention. It isn’t enough that you know how to mow pretty patterns. And it doesn’t matter that you spent a small fortune to install that sprinkler system.

     A beautiful lawn does not live by pretty patterns and water alone. You need to wise up and smell the fertilizer. “Caring for Your Lawn” is just what you need. Take a look:
What is a Lawn – That is NOT a trick question. Find out why inside.
Mowing - When to mow, how to mow and how long or short should the grass be.
What zones require more frequent mowing and how often?
Equipment – Are you asking a pony to do the job of a draft horse? Size makes a difference.
Watering – Okay, you knew we’d include this, but are you watering conservatively?
Soil – Dirt is dirt, right? Au contraire’ learn the differences.
Fertilizing – Dry or wet? That is the question!
Thatching – No, we don’t mean a quaint cottage in the U.K.
Types of Grasses – Do you know what sprigs, stolons and plugs are?
Seeding a New Lawn - Did you know that not all grasses are created equal?
Sod Lawns – Better than seeding? Not necessarily. Discover why inside.
Chemicals - Should you use chemicals for greening your lawn? If so which ones and are they good for the environment?
Chemicals - Should you use chemicals for greening your lawn? If so which ones and are they good for the environment?
Insects - What are the different kinds of insects that attack lawns? Are the same pests in all planting zones? How to get rid of them.
Controlling Weeds - What kinds of weeds grow in lawns and how to deal with them.
What kinds of diseases can infect a lawn and how to control and eliminate them.
Manual Watering vs Automatic Sprinklers – Is one better than the other?
Starting a Lawn Care Business - How to start your own lawn care business.
What tools do you need? How to get customers? Is it profitable?

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       Did you know? - Most lawn damage is caused by mowing improperly. Lawn mower blades must always be sharp in order for them to achieve clean cuts. The grass should also be cut taller than what is recommended for specific grasses. The average is three inches. Nonetheless, don't let it grow taller when cutting in between. When grass is too tall, it damages the blades and also weakens the roots. This results in the clumps of clippings on the lawn. This isn't a pretty sight.

   Want more tips like that one? How about - The minute you see grubs, cutworms, fleas and other lawn pests in your garden, you should revert to insect control as soon as possible. Apply this while the pests are still in their early stages.

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- You can take care of your lawn yourself, but you have to know what to do.

Why spend hours flipping through gardening magazines when "Caring for Your Lawn"
has the answers to your lawn care questions.

When your envious neighbors see the beautiful lawn you created, they'll be asking you for advice - because “Caring for Your Lawn” is sure to put you in first place, prime King of the Hill for the best lawn on the block.

Learn how to do it right and you’ll be the envy of all “The Stepford Husbands” in the neighborhood!
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       Of course, you could hire a lawn care service if you have confidence that they'll help you understand the problems and the solutions concerning your lawn. Lawn services apply pesticides and fertilizers but often times you are the one who waters and mows.

    Use the information in “Caring for Your Lawn” to make sure your lawn service is giving you the professional care you're paying for and the results are at least equal to what you could do yourself.
  Thank You,
      Richard Rossbauer

     P.S. I'm so confident that this inexpensive ebook can
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      P.P.S. It’s win-win for you. You get this amazing book AND you get to enjoy all the neighbors' compliments that will make it all worthwhile.

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