Low carb diet plans

You've heard of them - low carbohydrate diet plans.
This type of diet is very popular because people who are 
trying to lose weight have discovered how effective 
low carb diet plans really are. 

Many of us love carbs, and it really is hard to lose weight and keep 
it off without restricting carbs in the diet. There are many low carb 
diet plans to choose from, and the only way to decide which one 
is right for you, is to compare each of them side by side to see which 
one you can live with. 

There are various websites that have a ton of information available 
for dieters, that compare low carb diet plans and specific information 
on each one. 

A good site to visit is Atkins Diet which has personal testimonials 
as well as support and recipes for the low carb dieter. 

There are good carbs and bad carbs just like anything else. Bad carbs 
include breads, baked goods, cereals, pastas, white potatoes, white rice, 
certain candies, and most alcoholic beverages. Good carbs are those 
that are high in fiber and low in carb count, such as, sweet potatoes, 
brown and wild rice, whole grain breads and pastas, fresh fruits and 
vegetables, and red or white wine. 

Each low carb diet plan is somewhat the same, except they are each 
unique regarding how much of what you get to eat when. Many 
low carb diet plans start out with a beginning phase that is more restrictive, 
especially for the first two weeks, and more foods are slowly added 
back in as the diet progresses. Each of these low carb diet plans restricts 
amount of carbohydrate intake to a degree, some more than others, and 
fiber offsets the carb count of each food item. The higher the fiber, 
the lower the carb count.

The Atkins diet is focused on eating meats, protein, and good fats, and 
does not include any fruits or vegetables in the beginning, which may not 
be tolerable for some people. This diet also only allows twenty carbs or 
less per day, and heavily encourages the use of dietary supplements. 

The South Beach Diet is somewhat easier to stick to because it allows 
a greater variety of foods in the first phase, including vegetables and 
lean meats, and does not restrict the carb count as much as Atkins. 

The Zone is another popular low carb diet plan that incorporates some 
of the same principles of the Atkins and South Beach Diets, but the 
emphasis is on keeping the ratio of daily intake at 40% carbs, 30% protein, 
and 30% fat. 

Meals are divided into ‘blocks’ and basically the same foods are eaten 
throughout the diet, the only difference being, that more fat is added 
after goal weight is obtained to keep the dieter from continuing to lose 
more weight. 

Whichever low carb diet plan you chose will be effective, that is a given, 
because carbs are what affect the insulin levels in our bodies and cause 
cravings. Once we have learned to eat in a healthy way, and only eat the 
good carbs, we will weight less and be able to keep the weight off. 

Be sure to consult your physician if you need to lose a considerable amount 
of weight, so that he or she can recommend the low carb diet plan that 
is right for you.