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Garden Mulch - Making Healthy Gardens Possible
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Of all the things that a gardener has to worry about when it comes to the optimal development of his garden, two things stand out: soil quality and weeds. Soil quality should always be good to ensure the healthy growth of the plants. Soil quality, however, is something that should be maintained. After all, soil quality degrades through negligence. Weeds are your garden's worst enemies. They can take over your lot as such an efficient and rapid pace. In a matter of two to three weeks, it is possible that your entire garden area will be a sea of weeds, if ever they are left unchecked.

Enter garden mulch.

Garden mulch makes mulching possible. Mulching, of course, is a vital gardening process that specifically deals with the two main worries that a gardener has. It involves the spreading of leaves, and other organic (and even suitable non-organic) materials on the ground. This will provide a lot of benefits for the plants in your garden.

Mulching guarantees that the soil remains in tiptop shape. For starters, it slows down the effects of evaporation. This will help boost the soil's water-retention properties, which will in turn make other processes possible, decomposition of organic materials into essential nutrients being one of them.

Mulching also eliminates existing weeds. Garden mulch has aromatic properties that immediately kills weeds, and thwarts the growth of weed seeds and weed seedlings. By keeping garden mulch on your lawn, you'd be able to repress the growth and spread of those pesky weeds. Mulching, after all, is known as the best weed control method in existence.

Garden mulch comes in many varieties. You can use leaves, compost, or even materials like rubber or plastic, to help the soil retain water. Mulching is perfect for gardens in humid climates where water evaporates a few minutes after it touches the ground.

You can come up with your own mulch or you can buy some readymade ones. Purchasing available mulch is made easy in this day and age, given the preponderance of garden shops all over the world which is testament to the popularity that gardening, as a hobby, enjoys.

Regardless of what mulch you use or how you procure the same, there is no denying the fact that mulching is a necessity in maintaining a garden. If you want to ensure the optimal growth of your plants, then you have to commit yourself to mulching.

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