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There really is so much to learn and so little time. Often, just having interesting and useful tools pointed out to you can save many hours of your valuable time. 

We have found that so many of the Master's Courses, Reports and email tutorials highlighted on our site have been of great benefit in building our library of resources.

By sharing these resources, we hope that they will benefit you, too

              Here's a Great resource that we have used often.
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This should become especially helpful as you develop you own web pages, ebooks, etc. 
This Software can be used to Protect your Sales Pages, Thank-You Pages, download Pages etc. in three ways:

1) Disable Right Mouse Button. This prevents a visitor from copying  your text and graphic files easily.

2) Hide Hyper Link URLs from the Status Bar. A visitor cannot see the URL when she/he brings the mouse pointer over hyperlinks.

3) Encrypt HTML codes it into an unreadable form. The visitor cannot copy valuable information easily by verifying the HTML source of your site.

4) and dozens more handy scripts and tools every webmaster will find useful

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Real Cool Tools to add Excitement to your website

Right Click and Save Target As to Download List Builder Magic Webmaster Tools. If you download it to your Desktop, it will be easier to find. You can drag and drop it into a favorite folder later, whenever you wish. Unzip it using Winzip, Stuffit, etc.

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And here's a very popular tool that complements your MAGIC Webmaster Tool Package -it's an  Amazing Easy-To-Use Software that Instantly Generates Secure PayPal Buttons On The Fly... Right From Your DeskTop!

You can Encrypt Your PayPal Buttons In A Single Click... Eliminating Digital Theft and Protecting Your Profits!

No More Wasted Time Logging Into PayPal Just To Create Or Edit Your Buy Buttons!

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                     ... Richard Rossbauer

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