Make an Equipment Checklist
             Before Going Camping
      Nothing Left Behind - Make a Checklist Before Camping

It's an awful feeling to arrive at your campsite and discover that you've left some important equipment or gear at home.
There's an easy way to keep this from marring your camping experience -

Make a camping checklist. A simple little checklist can   prevent a problem that can potentially ruin your whole camping trip.

Ideally, you should start your camping checklist several days before you plan to leave for your trip. List everything you think you'll need, from sleeping bags to specific food items. With a detailed list you'll make sure you have a well-organized and enjoyable trip.

Another idea is to make a basic list that you can reuse for future trips. The list should contain all your essentials which you can then adopt to specific trips without much trouble.

If you're not a seasoned camper you may not be familiar with exactly what items you need to pack. In that case, go to the Internet. The Internet has several sites where you can get lists of camping essentials to get you started creating your own personalized list.


Just remember to keep it simple while making sure you pack the correct equipment for your specific trip. You want to make sure you pack all the equipment you need for your environment and terrain.

Make doubly sure you take enough food and water for everyone in your camping group. Your goal is to prepare for all contingencies. Also, make sure your clothes and shoes are in good condition. And, remember to take an extra change of clothes and shoes in case you find yourself in some bad weather.

If you're going to be wearing a new pair of shoes or boots on the trip, make sure you get them early enough to get them broken in before you leave. You don't want to wear a new pair of uncomfortable shoes while you're out on a hiking trail. And also make sure you pack a first aid kit, just in case you do get a blister on your foot from long hours of hiking.

With the increasing popularity of camping, many campgrounds provide some essentials for their guests. So, if you're planning to stay at a campground, call them or check their web site before you go to see what they may provide. They may sell some supplies so you don't need to pack more stuff than you need.

You should also thoroughly research the places where you'll be camping and hiking before you get there. Knowing as much as you can about the area will help you make a complete checklist of supplies.

While you don't want to take anymore stuff than you have to, you also want to be adequately prepared for every possibility before you get there. When you're prepared for your camping trip you'll be relaxed and better able to enjoy the trip.


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