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Camping food need not be just about junk foods

     When camping, it helps to think light and carry light. However, no matter how pretty the image is of a camp fire with eggs and tasty bacon sizzling in the background, plus hot coffee, reality bites. And reality is heavy.

     In order to make real this food camping image, you have to carry to the camping trip all the cooking equipments needed such as a cast iron oven, a cooler, as well as ice to keep food fresh, etc.

     The usual options therefore are frozen and dried meals which can be rather expensive, often don't taste very appetizing, and are heavy on preservatives and artificial flavors.

     There are a lot better options at your local grocery store which provide healthier if not a lot tastier food dishes. And they are not just instant noodles.

     Here are some tips on choosing camping food that is right for you.

     Weigh in, weigh out  - Camping requires a lot of energy walking and traversing trails and trees. So any trail snacks carried during this time must – as much as possible – be light in weight or at least tolerably heavy.

    The cooking methods used most during camping trips are stoves that involve micro cooking primarily used to boil water. Usually any nourishment a camper would take in are foods that are the dehydrated kind.

     Cereal flakes like Cheerios is a good option. There are also dehydrated foods and packaged cereals that only need the addition of hot water so you can enjoy a warm meal. Oatmeal is one of them, also cream of wheat.

Pre pack these in a bag, preferably a Ziploc bag, so you can  portion the quantity you would be taking and eating. Better this than bringing a whole oatmeal can.

      Dried fruits like raisin is also a better and healthy option. Cranberries that are dried is another, also blueberries.

For drinks, good old powdered orange juice like Tang is readily accessible and easy to carry as well. Coffee could also be packed for your camping trip, the kind that can be made instantly and not brewed.

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     Another good thing with this type of camping food is that there is less trash left behind.

      Man does not live by bread alone, crackers are good, too. If you want cheese with your crackers, choose those that do not need to be refrigerated. There are available ones in the grocery. Or if you want to be tastily creative, there is always easily-packed pepperoni and salami.

      Peanut butter could be placed in portable tubes. Chocolate could also easily be packed and is extremely tasty and emotionally filling, especially during a difficult top climb.

      However, if you prefer to experience a little luxury - and don't mind carrying some heavy stuff – pack in a can of liver pate,’ chicken chunks, ham, or tuna.

      Prior to camping, make sure that you know just how many days or weeks you'll be in camp and calculate the quantity of regular meals and snacks you might eat.

     All in all, camp food is just like regular food. Minus the usual amenities. it can taste good and be healthy too.



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