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     There's So Much to Read about successful internet marketing... virtually
      thousands of books, articles, reports, &c. from hundreds of sources. 
 Do you have enough time to read them all? No? Use our reviews to

   Save yourself hours and hours of valuable time. 
   Benefit from the results of our reviews and analysis

   Save $$, our  reviews and reports are Completely FREE.

           We add New Titles on a regular basis. Pick and Click on the Titles that
      interest you. You're sure to pick up some interesting and valuable information
      for your business...

      ... and if you've been considering internet marketing for any length of time,
      you'll recognize many of these authors as being among the most
      experienced, popular and successful internet marketers of our times.

         We've been reading most of them for years. We'll continue to study their
and post a selection of the ones which we believe will lead to
      greater success in the creation of your own website, newsletter,
      ezine/eBook or internet business...

           ..or even to just plain satisfy your curiosity (and ours, too...

Take a look at our recent Blog posting. You're invited to comment and criticize, offer your own opinions, and make suggestions. We'd like to hear from you.


                                           INTERNET SECURITY

GO TO Library Section A  for the full list of reports on these topics
Here are the most recent additions in the SECURITY  section of our library.
(... and,Try out the free link/url cloaking tool. Shorten your email address)

How Did You Teach Your Children To Be Safe When They Were learning to Surf the Internet?

We'd love to learn how you taught your kids to be cautious and careful and avoid the threats from online scammers and pedophiles when they were learning to explore the "web".

Your experiences and successes can help a lot of other parents and grandparents.

   CLICK HERE for a real easy way to Share your Experiences
    and learn how other parents
helped their kids to safety

           4. Of Firewalls and Trojans, a Special report by the RP Staff
 (We feel very strongly about the importance of providing our visitors with
                current information on active viruses, worms and Spyware)

      If you are in the process of reclaiming lost files after a virus attack,
               get Data Recovery help HERE

         10. A Practical (and Easy) 10 Step Guide About How To
                   Protect Yourself From Identity Thieves
reported by a person
                  who recently had their identity compromised.
        13. How Much Does it Cost to regain use of your computer after
                   a serious virus infection?
It cost one of our friends a lot of
and it can happen to anyone. This article could help you avoid
                   the hassle, expense, loss of data and personal files. ..by the RP Staff

 From the Articles library at the Firewalls and Virus Protection site

         The Dangers of Chat Rooms and Instant Messages
                 by Richard Rossbauer, From the first days that my
              Firewalls-and-virus-protection website went online over
              4 years ago, it contained cautions on the potential dangers
              lurking in chat rooms. Now the threats are even worse.

 Identity Theft! Everybody's talking about it. Are you prepared to avoid it? Do you have a Strategy set up to keep yourself and your family members safe from the potential heartache that could happen?

GET THE Free Manual and Learn:

How Identity Theft Occurs
How to prepare your defenses
How to tell if you're a victim
Immediate steps for victims to take
Where and How to get your Free
    Credit Reports  


Get your FREE copy of the "Identity Theft Guide" by RichardPresents.com

It's a five page report you can download, print and freely share with your family and friends. Download "Identity Theft Guide" by CLICKING HERE. Save the file to your Desktop - it'll be easier to find

Free Internet and Computer security Articles and Reports

                              PROMOTION & ADVERTISING

    GO TO Library Section B  for the full list of reports on these topics

NEW   24. A Preview of What to Expect When Creating your own Web Presence
Monitor displaying the www.Richardpresents.com website

You need a recognizable web presence to get people
to visit and revisit your web sites and sales pages.

The greater your web presence, the sooner your name,
website, blog, etc, will brand you as knowledgeable or
even expert in your niche or field.

         Here are a few more additions on PROMOTION & ADVERTISING
Opt In Strategy for list building10. Large Subscriber/OptIn mail lists are the Life Blood
      of every successful website business and newsletter. Get
      a FREE eBook that will help you create your OptIn  Strategy 
Click for Free eBook

16.  "Skills for Using Forums"
by CLICK HERE Dr jlScott,
  founder of i-Cop. (International Council of Online Professionals)  A forum
                 is a type of community. Usually, there's a core group, and others come
                and go. A lot of people have to interact, and  hopefully, get along together.
                Read jl's tips on how to get the maximum benefit from your forum visits.

18. "How Headlines Help You Sell More Information on
                  the Web."
 by David Garfinkel If you've been marketing
                information on the  Web - or even THINKING about marketing there -
surely you've heard many times how important headlines are.
 22. "Copywriting Tips the Pros Use"  Dozens of tips to help you
              write more effective headlines and sales copy... by well
              known and highly respected Joe Robson of the Newbie Club

 23. "Cool New 'Idea" Engine on the Block" Jim Edwards points
               out how to maximize your search for possible niche
               markets and keywords using the Amazon A9.com site

        25. 3 ways to get targeted traffic to visit your websites and
                   blogs - FAST 
Jim Edwards points out how to maximize your
               traffic generating efforts at minimum cost.


  FREE "The No Cost Marketing" Report, by Jimmie D Brown,
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( Download It )  Save it, Use it, Give it away as your own promotion with your FREE reprint rights that come with the report. It also includes a 100% FREE seven (7) part special marketing report as a bonus - delivered right to your email daily, with 35 fact packed pages about web marketing.
               Don't miss out on this generous offer by Jimmie D. Brown

                                 MARKETING & WEBSITES

GO TO Library Section C  for the full list of reports on these topics. Read the most recent additions to the MARKETING & WEBSITES  section of our library.
SLOW DOWN ! Take a breather for a minute and review this article by Dr. jl Scott, phd, founder of the i-Cop organization. She's convinced that life can be more healthy and productive if we take a less urgent approach to it.

Here's another Article by jl -
Caution when using 3rd party Marketing Programs - know who you're working with.

 13. How to Get your Website Reviewed for Free by Harvey Segal
 Learn how to make friends and win customers while doing it.

         15. How to Produce the Perfect Viral Ebook.
                Another Super report by Mr. Super Tips, himself. Harvey Segal has
               been able to do it again, and this report includes an easy link to
               getting his newest, Free eBook "101 Super Tips" which can be
               branded with your own affiliate links

Hundreds of eBooks and ezines are available at the
CBmall, with many money making ideas for just about
 any topic that excites you. Look them over -
           CLICK HERE and Check out the FREE Bonuses


                                  WEBMASTER'S COURSES

GO TO Library Section D. Check out the FREE MASTERS COURSES
available at No Cost from the SiteSell organization with the addition
            of  the WEBMASTERS
 Business Masters Course!. It's available in
            Library Section D for immediate download (pdf).

 Select your Course, Start  immediately. Request it from Library Section D


The "Affiliate Masters" Course presented below is a sample of the quality information you will get at- No Cost- from the SiteSELL organization.

      Learn how  successful affiliates create high-earnings
                     and a good living with affiliate programs

Affiliate program manager Ken Evoy, one of the most innovative and highly successful affiliate marketers, has carefully analyzed the revenue streams of his thousands of affiliates.

In his newly revamped "Affiliate Masters" course, Ken gives simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, showing exactly how you, too, can dramatically boost your income from affiliate programs. Save countless wasted hours of frustration and research. Get right on the fast track to a good income from affiliate programs.

And the information is FREE, all 100 pages! Print and keep this manual to use over and over again as you build (or rebuild) your affiliate business. We keep ours in a sturdy 3-ring binder right by our desktop..

Perhaps most important of all, you can apply this expert advice to ANY affiliate program.
FREE Download - Complete Affiliate Masters Course Absolutely FREE -
             No Risk-
                       No Fooling !

The course is designed and written for all affiliates whether you are just beginning to develop a second income stream or whether you are an established affiliate. It's an intensive 5-day e-mail course for becoming a high-earning affiliate. It's the best affiliate manual out there.
                        Download it Now.
The complete course is available in a pdf e-book format! Totally updated, and a joy to print and read. We highly recommend downloading it now as one of the best steps you can take toward a more profitable affiliate sales business

           Download your FREE Affiliate Master's Course

And while you are at it, get FREE information on the success-focused  
SiteSell Information products and programs - Click Here ... amazing!
 (I keep adding these to my own library

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