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Useful Resources to get You from IDEA to INCOME Fast
Part 1 


Ready to start your own online business, (or looking for a way to
increase your website traffic and sales)?  Take advantage of the
extensive research presented here. Use these tools to -

Get started now. Take these 6
 Vital Steps toward success to-


 Promote Your Idea   
  Develop your ideas and knowledge into a unique niche market theme. Find Your True Niche and get true facts on setting up a successful online business
(Check it out with the
NicheFinder link below - (Power Tip!)
  Decide how to promote your ideas -  as a newsletter, ezine or your own website?
  Present interesting content about your ideas.. write your own..
   make it useful  and valuable
  Is your idea marketable? Create it as an eBook or Report,
   tutorial, blog, or as a
Product you can Sell Online.
  Research the Market
  Subscribe to Free mini-courses on your subject( like this one )
Learn from the expert Internet Marketers. Subscribe to their newsletters and study their software.
Study how they write effective Sales and Advertising copy
  Monitor Online Forums related to your topic (Power Tip!)
You can make money by participating in forums, even if
         you don't have a website. Get 
FREE FORUMSuperTips book
         telling how to post at forums for profit.   

Find, Download and Study helpful tips from the experts, like
         Harvey Segal's
FREE 101 Super Tips (Another Power Tip!)

Create a Website, Newsletter, Blog,eBook, or Software
Elect to have it done for you by an Certified webmaster, or
  Decide to do it yourself.
  Creating Your Own Software is quick and easy with these simple

  Publishing your own Newsletter is a lot easier with the tools at
101 Newsletter Answers
Set a fair price for your products and services.
Present your Product
  Write a Killer Site Description
Choose a Domain name. Try nameBoy.com for cool suggestions.
Select an economical website host like JROX.COM  or godaddy.com  and Publish your site. 
Plan and Execute your Advertising Program
You'll need to know how to get the best results for your
    advertising efforts...
select an effective program to test and
    track your ads. It's all in a FREE book by Mr. Super Tips,himself -
    Harvey Segal. Click on
Free AdTracking Super Tips  
 for your
Ad Tracking Super Tips ebook. (Power Tip!)
  Optimize for the Search Engines
Find the most
popular keywords for your theme site with the
     Overture Selector Tool so you can optimize your site according
     to the way the search Engines like it done.
(Power Tip!)

     Here's another Expert's suggestions for finding the best keywords
     that will boost traffic to your website.
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson,
     Founding Editor, Web Marketing Today posted this webpage

     Use the
FREE trial search by Digital Point Solutions and
     find hundreds of keyword phrase possibilities. Try some now at
     the Free Digital Point Solutions Keyword Suggestion Tool
  Submit to the search engines. Make regular submissions. We have
       been submitting with the help of
Search Engine Blaster, using
       their economical Starter plan which allows us to run Three
       separate campaigns at the same time.

         Free META Tag Help Analyzer
  Make your Idea Sell.  
  Use your Autoresponder to stay in touch with site Visitors
Keep them coming back.
  Build Subscriber/OptIn Mail List (Power Tip!)
       Increase you subscriber lists and make money doing it
       Get the
FREE OptIn Strategy ebook to learn how it's done
  Take at look at other websites. See how your competition presents  information on your pet topic. Get their high ranking keywords and secrets.

Pave Your Pathway to Success
With Powerful Magic Words


       Make Your Content PreSell!
The Key to a profitable web site is Content!
Visitors to your site really aren't looking for you, they're seeking information, and they want to read good, valuable, useful content. Do a good job and they may even consider purchasing your products and services.

You must be able to write so that your content PreSells, and now there's a book that will help you
do it.
"Make Your Content PREsell!" ("MYCPS!") is the ONLY book of its kind. There are, of course, hundreds of books that teach you how to write, but many are dull, out of date, unexciting, and not necessarily aimed at teaching how to write to sell.

Make Your Content Presell does just that, and it's probably the only book of its kind that shows you, step by step, clearly...

    1) how to write to COMMUNICATE
    2) how to develop your own "voice" with flair and substance
    3) how to spin your site/biz/SELF into a unique position
    4) how to HONESTLY convince people to trust and like you.

No other book in the world shows you how to do this.

Its 144 pages contain a wealth of ideas, tips, tools and advice that you'll find so valuable that, if you are like us, you wont want to put the book down.

At $9.95, it will be one of the best investments you'll ever make to get started building a web site that sells. MYCPS is worth many times that price.

It's Now FREE !
  Order your own downloadable copy now.

If you don't have your own product yet, use our 'Getting Started Action Guide' CLICK  for the FREE  Download.(*) Learn how you can incorporate your ideas into a successful and profitable affiliate program. (Power Tip!). I truly believe that these two powerful  manuals will be among your major reference books for a long time to come..
                                                           ... Richard
(*) Download now and get a FREE copy of Make Your Site Sell  (trial copy). The regular version sells for $29.95. Your trial copy is FREE.                        


Let us tell you what you can really expect when you start on the journey toward development of your own web presence
...read it here

                Ready? Taking the First Steps
                    isn't really that difficult.

 The Getting Started  web pages (Parts 1 through 4)
  will help you
Develop your Ideas and Knowledge
  into your own unique niche market theme, and...

      ...  get you started following the path to
            Affiliate Marketing success.

Optimize for the
Search Engines

Is your  idea, website theme or product directed to a specific market niche?z

Will viewers see your site listed when they search for your type of information or product?
Have you selected the right KEYWORDS?
   Are you using the KEYWORDS that will help the Search Engines give you a good listing position?

It is not easy to select the best keywords to drive traffic to your site. It takes time and imagination.  Without help, there's even a bit of luck required!

Do an online Search for Keyword Tools and you will find many choices
Here's the Wordtracker Company
Product that you can try

SEO your site with Wordtracker's free/ keywords tool & training videos. Do more with our full Keywords tool. Try a risk free trial for 7 days!

Become an 'Informed" Affiliate.

 Learn about Affiliate Sales with the FREE
Affiliate Masters Course

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to Read the outstanding results we experienced by using SiteBuild It! for our newest "Firewalls" web site.

In less than
2 Days,
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Have you found the Affiliate Program you'd like to work with?

CLICK HERE for download instructions to get your  FREE Affiliate Masters course. It's a complete program on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion. Learn what you need to know to Get Started selling and making a profit with other people's products. Many successful on-line businesses have started as affiliates directly from this program.

We printed our copy of the manual, put it a 3 ring binder, and refer to it regularly.....


Do you  operate your own offline small businesses or organization?  Do you feel the need to develop a solid Web presence, generate some targeted traffic, and build loyalty through a newsletter for customers?

Now you can really determine if adding a web presence will help your business grow. Visit
The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center for expert help in making that decision. Then...

...when you decide if your own website is the right answer for your business, you will already have learned why Site Build It! (SBI!) is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business

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The Complete Site Build It! Reference Center. Learn if SBI! fits your needs. CLICK HERE.

Most of today's astute business owners are online with a website, blog or mobile. SiteBuildIt! is a great way to get your business in your customer's sights, no matter what tools they use to find what they want.

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