Camping Party Fun

            Camping Party Fun

When the weather is warm, it's time to think of summer fun and camping. Taking the family camping is a fun and often exciting experience. The outdoors, campfires and hikes down winding trails bring a deep sense of relaxation and inner joy.

Do you want to ramp up the fun? Invite of few friends to go camping with you. Maybe your friends are not campers. Ask the people you work with to go camping with you. Turn your camping experience into a camping party.

You can make it as relaxing or as elaborate as you want.

Camping usually starts over a weekend, starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon. During the summer season reservations are usually a must, but it depends on your area and the type of campsite you will use. The campground may even have a group area if your group is large enough.

For a group camp out it is best to pick a campground with a few amenities. Bathrooms are a must. Showers are a luxury and although nice are not required. Running water is essential for cleaning up. Some campsites have water at every site; some have one faucet for every two or three sites.

Restrooms and showers are not as private and may not be as clean as you are used to. Some places are almost spotless and others are less well kept. Portable outhouses are sometimes all that is available. Be sure your campers understand the amenities before they arrive.

A fire ring for cooking and sitting around is part of the ambience of camping whether with your family of in a group. Hot dogs on a stick and roasted marshmallows are all part of the campfire experience. With a group, have everyone bring a bundle of wood or two. This way you can have early morning fires as well as those that burn late into the night.

Open your camping party to your friends or co-workers and ask them to invite a friend or two along with them. Once you are around a campfire you will find campers to be some of the friendliest people you will meet. New faces and new friends are part of the fun. The outdoors, fresh air and roaring campfires just seem to bring people together in ways that no other element can.

Activities can be elaborate or simple. You can bring games, have campfire sing-along, go hiking or swimming. You can plan activities or just let things happen. Decks of cards, horseshoes, and other popular fun items add to the camping experience.

Remember that campgrounds are often out in the wilds so you should be prepared for bugs, snakes, or even possibly bears and other wild life. Leave your food out and you invite not only bears, but raccoons, crows, sea gulls and others looking for a free handout. Even cute little squirrels can play havoc with your food supply. Check with your campground ahead of time for any warnings they have.

If you have children, campground danger knowledge is doubly important. Moving water, poison ivy, poison oak and other dangers are not always as apparent to playing children as they are to their parents.

Have someone make a pre-trip packing check list of common items needed for camping. Copy it and pass it out to everyone who is going. The items may include tent, sleeping bags, flashlights with extra batteries, lanterns, extra clothing, bug spray, spices, food for 5 to 6 meals, and more. You can find camping check lists by doing a search online.

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Another important thing to be sure everyone in your group knows about is the campground's rules and regulations. Know the rules regarding pets, open fires, noise (most campgrounds have “quiet hours”). State parks often have park rangers patrolling and you can get a ticket for loose pets, excessive noise and other violations.

With a little planning you can turn your camping trip into a group party full of fun and memories.

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