How to Make the Best Coffee Ever!


    Who brewed that very first steaming, aromatic, tastefully delightful cup of good coffee -one of our favorite and most popular beverages?

How did they do it? Can you guess?

   The history of coffee, while hard to verify, is abundant with many legends about who first brewed and filled their coffee goblets or vessels.

   It's a fact that Coffee has come a long way from being a little known beverage that was said to be accidentally discovered by a sheepherder a long, long time ago.

   The origins of coffee as a beverage can't exactly be pinpointed. What has been accepted of its discovery was established in a popular myth that the coffee discovery began around the 9th century.

According to this story, a young Ethiopian sheep herder accidentally discovered that the coffee berries his goats were eating had some very interesting side effects.

 Upon eating the berries, the goats got rammy and jumped around more often, appearing to have sudden bursts of energy.


   And as the story went, the sheepherder took the strange berries to the village elders believing that they (the strange berries) might have magical properties.

  For some unknown reason, the thirsty elders boiled them into a brew, stumbling upon the berries' stimulating effects. They began to consume them on a regular basis (probably creating the first 'coffee breaks').

  Maybe that was the birth of coffee as a popular beverage.

   Few people realize the coffee plant originally grew only in Ethiopia. Coffee found its way to Europe via the Venetian trade merchants.

   Rumors of the taste of coffee began to bubble up everywhere. The Arab’s kept an even tighter grip on their coffee plants. They closely guarded them from being exported outside the Islamic

  Probably because they couldn't get their hands on them, Christians began claiming coffee was the devil’s drink...

   ...until Pope Vincent III decided to give it a try. The Pope liked it - very much, and after that, talk of banishing the drink went away.

   After centuries of closely guarding the spread of coffee cultivation, the Dutch, somehow, were able to take some coffee beans with them on a trip to Asia where they transplanted them in the fertile soils of Java, Indonesia, in the 1600's. Thus began the eventual spread of coffee plant cultivation in many more places around the world.

   Soon after, coffee houses were built all over Europe. They became a popular place to hang out and drink coffee, smoke, write novels and paint pictures of other coffee drinkers, artists, authors, and dancers (popularized by impressionist artists like Toulouse Lautrec, Degas, etc.)

    It was in the 1700’s that coffee traveled to the Americas. A French infantry captain took a small coffee plant with him. That plant was cultivated, resulting in over 19 million coffee trees within 50 years.     

Coffee was declared the national drink of the United States in a protest over the excessive taxes on tea from Britain. (They had to, their tea was in the Boston Harbor).

Today, millions of people enjoy their favorite coffee brews wherever they are throughout the day.

Coffee comes in many brands and many flavors. You can buy ground coffee or coffee beans at most any grocery store.

There are also some fancy gourmet coffees

   Businesses such as Starbuck’s Coffee are million dollar industries, offering the convenience of consistently tasteful coffee any way you want it... with or without donuts.

  But you don't have to go to these business establishments to obtain a consistently good tasting delicious cup of coffee. You can brew it at home and in your office or workplace and achieve the same consistent, high quality, even gourmet quality coffee.

  Follow the advice in this website and you'll have your friends and family eagerly responding to your next call of
Anyone for Coffee?

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Did You Know? - In Paris, the first coffeehouse was opened in 1689. Its name Café Procope was taken from the owner Francois Procope. The café catered to artsy people in the city.

Currently, coffee is grown on five continents and has become one of the most traded commodities on the world market. It was a slow process for the lowly coffee bean to become one of the most highly regarded of plants known today.
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