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   As an outdoor enthusiast, you've probably tried canoeing on a lake or in a river or even in whitewater. It's quite an adventure and if you tried it once, most likely you'll want to go canoeing again.

      canoe and paddles

   Imagine canoeing on a lake and viewing the beautiful great outdoors scenery that you are unable to see from your campsite.

   There are lots of places in RV parks or nature reserves which are accessible only by canoe. You don't want to miss the adventure do you? 

   If you decide to go on a canoeing trip or if you consider adding canoeing as part of your regular camping trip, there are a number of places across the country that offer great park amenities. Just look online and chances are there's one near your home.

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   The equipment isn't that expensive. Depending on the quality of the canoe, more often than not it involves a one time investment. Better still - there's no need to buy regular upgrades on canoe equipment and canoe accessories. All you need in canoeing is a decent canoe, a good set of paddles and reliable life jackets.

   Having second thoughts? Consider this -  If you're an avid camper and have a favorite river or lake side camp site that you often visit, canoeing will help you enjoy your camping adventure and the great outdoors to the fullest.

   Prepare for a canoeing trip by dressing suitably and be prepared to get wet. Remember that cold weather and/or cold water can result in hypothermia. Take necessary and suitable clothing with you and wear shoes, even old gym shoes will do.

   Sandals might cause you to slip at critical moments. Be sure to rest before the day of your canoeing adventure. Paddling a canoe is hard work. Be well rested so you can be up for the task. Be sure that you don't have any physical restriction that would make it difficult or dangerous to your health. If you have any doubts - check with your physician before planning to go canoeing.

   Just keep in mind the right precautions and employ the same packing techniques that you use during camping trips and you'll do fine. It's more likely that you'll make canoeing a part or an extension of your camping trip, so you need to pack extras for the water adventure.

   Just remember to be safe and you'll have fun canoeing.
paddling a canoe
        Canoe Safety awareness
is the key to being
        able to make every adventure worth enjoying and
        repeating. Here are some tips that might help you
        become more aware of your safety when on a
        canoe trip.

Avoid going solo.
It's usually recommended that you canoe in pairs. It's best if you go canoeing accompanied with one other canoe. This will help increase your safety, knowing that you have some company ready to help you out in case of problems. Not only that, it is always better to have someone to share the experience as well as someone to talk with during the trip.

Learn the basic skills involved in the sport before you take on an actual canoeing trip. There are different canoeing classes being offered across the country at various skill levels. Learn about the basic safety skills such as how to handle a canoe properly, selecting the right canoe gear, and how to avoid risky and dangerous situations as well as how to prevent them

Be aware of hidden dangers along the trail that you take. Be able to recognize common water dangers before you go on a trip. Just because you plan on canoeing on calmer waters doesn't necessarily mean that you are safe. Even calm waters may conceal rocky crevices that may pose as a danger to canoeists. Use your good judgment and knowledge as well as common sense in order to ensure that you always have a safe canoe trip.
Each stream or river presents different challenges and dangers. Even if you're a well-seasoned veteran, be sure you become familiar with the body of water before you push off on a canoe journey.
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