Absolutely nothing can replace the experiences that nature gives us for free. Here are a few video clips of other people having fun and sharing their experience, and fun for us.


Packing for Camping

The First Video Clip has some great tips for packing your gear. The Related clips shown at the bottom of the video screen after each episode cover another dozen or so additional Tips. Among these are

12 Basic Camping Tips
How to put up a Camping Tarp
Packing your tent with TLC
How to Clean Your Tent
How to go camping more often

Plus ...

Backpacking Tips - How to stay clean while backpacking. What to take with you in your backpack and how to use that gear for a campsite shower
Backpacker Magazine SkillsCast: Build A Tent Footprint -  shows you how to build a plastic footprint for your tent-
skill taken from the Jan/Feb 2007 issue.
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Solo Camper - How to set up a raw food campsite - interesting step by step as vegetarian camper prepares for a night in the forest
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   Family Camping

Current Camping News Reports

               You create lasting memories on a family campout.

               Who would ever forget a visit to the Grand Tetons?

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