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              Tent camping and Safe Campfires

     Tent camping usually attracts families with children because children are primarily the ones that enjoy it the most and because it's rugged and inexpensive.

     Tent camping is often a fun part of family automobile trips. Many established campgrounds offer full amenities and allow direct car access.

     Looking forward to the next campground can add excitement to the end of a day's leisurely vacation drive.

     Here are some suggestions to make the overnight stay more enjoyable:


    1. Arrive at the campsite early. With still ample daylight you can select a fine location to set up your tent (without the need for flashlights).

    2. Find a flat and level ground in an area having shrubs or trees to block unexpected strong winds.

    3. Examine the area for possible dangers. Check for sharp objects, broken glass, huge ant beds, branches, poison ivy, hazardous terrain and bees.

    4. Stay away from areas with natural hazards like falling branches. Inspect the land contour making sure that your campsite is elevated so it doesn't flood in case of rain.

    5. Use a flame-resistant tent and set it up far from where you will be setting your camp fire.

    6. Be familiar with first aid basics and carry along a “first aid kit” wherever you go. Keep everyone well hydrated.

   7. Select a clear area for your Camp Cooking woodfire
Likewise, clean the campsite making sure there are no foods left over scattered so as not to attract wild animals; make sure your food is well stored or securely packed so that animals can not get to it.

   9.Always clean after your mess and discard your trash in a trash bag and secure it.

  10. Have fun and keep safety in mind always!

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                               Building Your Safe Campfires

Build your campfire away from your tent. Also, never use gas lamps or candles inside or near the tent.

Keep bugs and smoke out by immediately closing your tent flap every time you go in or out.

Always look after your campfire and clear the area of leaves and twigs as well as keep the flame controlled by creating a barrier around it using rocks.

Before retiring to bed, make sure the campfire is property put out by drowning it with water.

ind the right types of fuel for building and maintaining your campfire. You will need tinder. Tinder is easily combustible materials that will burn quickly and hopefully emit enough heat and gases to start a fire with larger pieces of wood.

Ideal tinder includes dry sticks, bark, dry leaves, and twigs. Use kindling to start the fire and to help maintain it. But remember that you can only successfully build a fire if the larger, harder to burn pieces of wood will burn.

                       Some common designs of campfires include:

Tepee – tepees are great for quick fires, and last long into the night. It makes use of a lot of tinder, so you will need a good bunch of it. The longer burning wood is placed, balanced against each other vertically around the tinder. This makes sure that the heat and the gases of the tinder are generated in a way to help the larger pieces of wood burn. It is the perfect fire for boiling water and general purpose campfires.

Pyramid – You build a ‘pyramid’ of logs by laying the logs horizontally on the ground together, then building another layer on top of the next gradually forming a pyramid. Although this type of campfire is a little hard to start up, the advantage is that it generates a lot of charcoal that will be useful in the future. It burns pretty well and is quite a stable fire.

Parallel – The parallel fire puts the tinder in between two logs. This is an efficient burning fire since the insides of the logs burn too – having the fire and heat going in a good, snug place between two logs.

Star (Indian) – This is the type of fire you usually see on those old Western movies. The logs are laid out like spokes of a wheel. Tinder is placed in the middle. The fire is easy to maintain, although you do have to push each ‘spoke’ of the wheel towards the middle as the fuel burns up

                    Handy Tips on Choosing the Best Camping Tent

     There are a number of common factors to consider in choosing the appropriate camping tent. In general, if a higher quality camping tent is needed then more dollars should be budgeted.

    The first to consider is the number of people who will be using the tent. This will generally determine the size as well as the style. There are different styles to choose from. The dome style's round shape offers wind resistance aside from its being small and simple to set-up.

If there is a large number of people in the camping group, (4 to 9), family camping tents should be selected. The umbrella style offers roomy head room for many people and is well-ventilated. Screen houses can also accommodate a large group.

     For the seasoned backpackers and campers, the A-frame style tent and backpacking tent are the ones to choose because of the lightweight and set-up simplicity. The latter comes in varying sizes for 2 to 4 people.

    Also consider the sort of conditions the tent will need to cope with. For those on a budget and those who will be going to fairly good camping locations, the two-season tent is one of the least expensive on the market. The three-season tent is said to be the most popular because it is sufficiently durable to deal with rain throughout the seasons, except winter. For extreme weather conditions, consider the four-season tent. It is intended for heavier winds and snow and is made of a higher class of fabrics with added poles for increased strength.

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