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What's The Best Season For You To Go Camping?

     Experienced campers have well established preferences for the season when they most enjoy their camping expeditions. Many have camped during all four of the major seasons, but beginning campers might best consider camping in the warmer weather seasons, starting with summer .

Summer camping

     The summer is the most popular season for campers because the weather is dry and warm, so campsites are more crowded.

     You need to plan ahead, make reservations and arrive early to find a good campground, especially during weekends.

Winter camping
  Some campers find winter camping more satisfying compared to the summer months, because they say, winter camping requires a specific strength and courage that summer camp does not.

     If you love the challenge it brings, then consider “winter camping”. It can give you added “self-confidence” realizing that you actually can endure the preparedness and ingenuity this kind of outdoor adventure requires.

     Certainly, there are many advantages to camping during winter; no snakes, bugs, flies, bears, dust or mosquitoes, plus winter wilderness view is breathtaking.

     You can go snowmobiling, snowshoeing, “cross-country skiing” and engage in many heartening challenges.

     Furthermore, campgrounds during winter will most likely be quiet, empty and normally less expensive. 

With good planning, you can enjoy the slow pace of winter camping.

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Tourism and Accomodations - Orem Utah - all year round camping, sking, boating, hiking, and fun for the whole family. Click Image to play (1 minute 17 seconds)

New Hampshire...Things To Do & Attractions - Berlin Gorham NH Berlin-Gorham, an Old World city set on the banks of the Androscoggin River. Click Image to play (1 minute)

 Grand Junction, Colorado ... From rafting on the Colorado River to hiking and biking along miles upon miles of trails. Click Image to play (2 minutes)

  And there are 47 more States anxious for you to visit and enjoy family camping and the natural wonders of each.
                       Here are some reminders for winter camping:

Drink plenty of water to fight or avoid hypothermia because water effectively replaces the moisture that is expelled from the body due to constant heavy breathing. Just drink water even when you feel you are not thirsty. The recommended amount is one gallon a day.
At signs of an approaching storm, immediately put your rain gear on. Should you get wet, change right away to warm and dry clothing, because the moist clothes will quickly suck heat from your body.
Remember to pace yourself.


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