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Useful Resources to get You from IDEA to INCOME Fast 
Part 2




On our Way - Taking the First
Vital Steps toward success

 Product Development  
 ▪ Developing  ideas and knowledge into a unique niche market
   theme. Keyword/Niche finders tools are vital for this.

 ▪ Creating a Product from your  marketable idea. Create it as
   a Report, tutorial, mini-course, information website, or eBook.

    Product you can Sell Online.

  Researching the Market

Determining the best way to turn your ideas into Products
Subscribe to Free mini-courses on your subject( like this one )
Learn from the expert marketers. Subscribe to their newsletters.
Monitor Online Forums related to your topic (Power Tip!)

(Did you know?)
You can make money by participating in
even if you don't have a website.
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            and learn how you can do it, too.

Creating your Newsletter or eBook

 ▪ Pay to have it written for you if you are unsure about doing it yourself
Decide to do it yourself. (See Sidebar for Website Creation Tools)
Publishing your own Newsletter is a lot easier with the tools at
101 Newsletter Answers

Pave Your Pathway to Success
With Powerful Magic Words

  Get the FREE Guides and Tools
Use them to Write  informative and exciting reports or compelling sales letters about your ideas. Make your knowledge available to people who share your same interests. (They're probably searching the web right now for what you already know).

Learn how to make them anxious to pay for your knowledge. Help them turn your ideas into income. Use 'Magic Words' that make the Sale.

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for The FREE (Absolutely No Cost) Information Products Masters Course.
MAKE SURE the Subject is "MASTERS" - without the quotes, and nothing else. This will get it through the filters.  Read this intensive 5-Day e-mail course; learn how to create and sell your very own infoproduct. Discover  how to effectively use the 'Magic Words'. (Power Tip!)

...and for a truly great start, use our 'Getting Started Action Guide'CLICK HERE for the FREE Download. Learn how you can incorporate your ideas into a successful and profitable affiliate program. (Power Tip!). I truly believe that these two powerful Free manuals will be among your major reference books for a long time to come....Richard
  Did You Know that you already have most of the  Basic eBook writing Tools on your Computer? Nearly all recent Word Processing programs, 'Office Software' and Operating Systems allow you to convert word processor Text tiles directly into HTML and PDF formats. (Images and hyperlinks, too).

With these tools and an inexpensive Image Editing program, you are well on your way to creating products to promote in newsletters, ezines, on websites, and more.

Of course, there are other helpful, and important tools that will really make your work outstanding and professional.

Some that we have used are presented in the 'Getting
Started' pages of this website. We urge you to review them, too.

          Follow the Basic Steps  and you'll definitely be well
         on your way to having a
 Product you can Sell Online.
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Create your own eBooks
Turn your ideas into your own products

Ebook Starter
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by Shelly Lowrey

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   Create your own Ebooks  
, you can write and compile your own ideas into eBooks.

Have you ever wanted to -
 1. have a simple method of creating your own
 2. have something unique to your business?
 3. get other businesses to promote your
      business  for free
 4. have something you can sell on the Internet?
 5. write something special to share with family,
     friends, or just everyone?

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Ebook Starter guide

E-Books are simple to create:
  1. You do not need to be a programming genius
       or computer wizard!
  2. You do not need any special hardware or
       other gadgets.
  3. You do not need stacks of money to get

  Even small and home businesses can, and have,
  successfully created their own E-Books using
  this software.

Sell your knowledge; it's valuable to a lot of other people!
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Instant PDF Generator
Instantly Convert your ebook Files To a PDF With This Point and Click Software.


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Enter ezine in the search box and click the Search button
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Easily  Make your Book, Box and Report Covers


We created this bookcover with Scott's FREE Boxmaker!



  Scott's FREE 'Box Shot' Maker program is a unique marketing tool and image-editing software that creates a realistic cover for your new eBook. Report Folders and virtual boxes are a 'snap' to create, too.

  A 'box shot' is a colorful image of the box in which your product would be packaged if it were on the shelf at a software or book store. You can use your company's existing logos and promotional images to create a virtual box or cover with ease, whether you've actually developed packaging or not.

Just design your covers or panels in your graphic editing programs (Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, etc), and follow Scott's simple instructions to blend them into your presentation image. We designed this sample in Adobe Photoshop Elements.....Richard

  'Box shots' are  key motivating factors in potential customers' perception of overall product quality and their willingness to download your product.

   CLICK NOW - download the latest version for your personal copy of this FREE program

  (Want to scan an image for your book cover? Get Scanning Tips Here 

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