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Useful Resources to get You from IDEA to INCOME Fast 
Part 3




On our Way - Advancing with
More Vital Steps toward success

  Creating a Website
  ▪ Elect to have it done for you (contract with a Web Designer), or

Decide to do it yourself. There are dozens of website creation tools
      available to help you build your site. Some are very basic, others
      are more difficult to learn but are very popular (This site has
      been created in FrontPage).      
      Then there are those used by the top professional web masters
      that produce outstanding results, are usually rather expensive
      and have really steep learning curves.

      Our suggestion is that you evaluate very carefully any decision to
      use the free and easy websites available from various sources.
      They do not present a very professional image for a business website.

Anticipate and be prepared for all of the many additional tasks
      that go along with building and publishing your web site: some are
      listed below, but there are many more.

               Consider site design, management and promotion
Select theme  selecting & registering perfect Domain name,
brainstorming keywords   making initial & followup  Search Engine Submissions
writing descriptions   selecting, joining, and Promoting Affiliate Programs
brainstorming meta tags   obtain/analyze site statistics
writing powerful content   searching for effective Link Exchanges
Test - test - test   tracking visitor clicks
Developing new content   Update site with fresh content (try PLR articles)

Learn what the smart marketers already know – Private Label Rights (PLR) products are the fastest and easiest way to get great content WITHOUT having to create it yourself!
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      at no cost to you

    Get on the Band Wagon with Private Label Righrs

You can hardly miss all the private label rights sales that just keep popping up everywhere lately. But, with the high price tag that comes with such sales, it often puts them just beyond the reach of most people.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can get started easily and for an absolute minimum investment with your own Starter Group of 20 PLR products.

What does "Private Label Rights" (PLR) mean?

Simply put, it means you can sell these products as is, put your name on them, edit them in any way that you wish, turn them into brand new unique products. You can even pass the rights on to others and turn them into your own autopilot cash machines!

Get your own massive collection of private label rights products now and start to build your list of products to add to your website and product line. There are some great Instant Niche possibilities here. Look them over.

More and more people are getting on the Private Label Rights Bandwagon. Join them now. Here's another source of FREE quality PLR reports.

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Pave Your Pathway to Success
With Powerful Tools

Building your own website may seem to be a major task.

Doing it right is of Major Importance! No sense building a website that wont sell Your Product, affiliate products or attract and keep visitors.

Before starting,
I urge you to Add the Free "
Make Your Site Sell" Masters Course zip file to your library now by Clicking on this icon.                                  

              Powered by: MYSS!

...and if you haven't had a chance to order it yet,
download 'Getting Started Action Guide' now
CLICK HERE for the FREE  Download.
Learn how you can incorporate your ideas into a successful and
profitable affiliate program
. (Power Tip!)
 These two powerful Free manuals will be among your major reference books for a long time to come.
   __Here are more Tools We Use When Building Our Websites__
Dropdown Menu Creator Wizard

Easily Create Drop Down Menus! 

Unbelievable and SUPER easy to use software makes creating a drop down menus a BREEZE! You'll be able to choose:
     Font Colors
     Background Colors
     Font Styles
     Font Weights
                               Create Drop Down Menus that PERFECTLY match your website!

                                     Read DETAILS HERE

Brainstorming for Keywords

NicheFinder - a great tool for website designer, too.
A great tool for doing Search Engine Optimizing

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   You must have the very best  Keywords  when you optimize your website for the search engine spiders

NicheFinder to the rescue, again.  CLICK HERE
to see sample reports and more details on how to develop the keywords and keyword phrases that bring the best results with search engine spiders
Get the Top Ten Tips for keyword research that all web businesses should have in their libraries. You can get your FREE bonus copy just by subscribing to the Newsletter at the NicheFinder


WebSite Building Tools are not Created Equally. Here are two that we have tried. They both did the job they were designed to do. Some did what we wanted better than others. They all became easier to use as we gained experience.

When you select your WebSite Building tool, stick with it, and as you gain more experience, you'll build and enjoy the rewards of a much more professional and successful web site.


Join the Newbie Club!



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         The Newbie Club™ First Website Builder
At Long Last Someone's Created It - A Detailed Website Building Course Written By A Newbie, For A Newbie, In Language You Can Really Understand - Newbie-Speak!"

"This Ground Breaking 4 Volume Library Shows You Step By Careful Step How An Absolute Newbie Built A Great Website In Just 2 days - Without Spending A Single Penny!"

               New & Mega-Expanded Edition 2.1
                                 Just Released
     Now Contains FIVE MORE Specially Created
       Tools Making It Even MORE Powerful And
            Benefit-Packed Than EVER Before! 

Read about
Alice Morgan, of Durban wrote "I'm amazed at how easy it is to follow. All that technical jargon I was frightened about is totally non existent in your course ... how you manage to translate it all into plain English I'll never know, and those wizards are a newbies dream to use. Thank you."
Joe Robson - regarded by many as one of the finest Web writers on the Net. He shows you how to lay out, present, and write your Website, to give it the professional look.
Tom Glander -  He shows you the easiest ways to automate, back up, and get your new creation onto the World Wide Web - with pictures!

So if you thought that building your first Website was beyond you, then think again. Learn from other beginners who did it
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      123 WysiWyg HTML Editor

If you can use a word processor, you can build great looking webpages and websites the quick and easy way using the world's easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML editor, the...
        123 WysiWyg HTML Editor

     It's actually easier to use than FrontPage and Dreamweaver -See for yourself
123 WysiWyg Demo Video


Build a Site that Sells!


A lot of people have had to make the same decisions you are facing  right now... and now they wish to share with you their stories of how they decided on the SiteSell approach to building their businesses and achieving outstanding success.

Read their stories, in their own words
in these Case Studies. You'll find that many shared the same interests as yours.

Get some good ideas- learn what they did -


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Wouldn't it be Great if there was a Web Site building Program that could do it All?

                              Well, There is!
It's Site Build It! -- the all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system of software tools.

SBI! makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business... a site that attracts a strong, endless stream of free, warm, willing-to-buy visitors... success guaranteed. No matter what you do (or want to do), it's for you if you want to do business instead of fighting technology and tedium.

Want to see sample designs you can create with SBI!?

SBI! sites come in all shapes and sizes. Here's a quick slide show  where some successful SBI! owners show their sites and tell their story.

This site has an Alexa Rating in the top 1 percent of over 56,100,000 other websites on the World Wide Web!
                           CLICK IMAGE TO SEE SLIDE SHOW 

Look at some of these other Case Sudies, selected from thousands of successful SBI sites have succeeded

Since 1997, SiteSell.com books, Master's Courses,* and software have empowered over 100,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses to outperform larger, well-financed competitors. They will do the same for you.

Site Build It!
-- the all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing system of software tools.


  *At SiteSell University: You can download
            The Masters Courses (Free)

These Masters Courses cover all the vital "must-get-it-right" issues with fresh, original, and valuable thinking. You won't read this anywhere else on the Net. And, best of all, the courses are free. Take the courses that interest you today. Many are easily downloaded, some are presented in email daily installments.

    We used SiteBuildIt! with Colligan's FrontPage Templates to
    build a Sister Site in our family of RichardPresents.com
    websites. The results in appearance, website traffic,
    statistical analysis, Search Engine positioning, etc., have
    been truly outstanding. You can see the results at:

Nothing to


Want to start a business online but don't have a product or a service to sell? Looking for something
to do part-time to earn some extra money to cover
the bills? Love the Net and want to try something that is flourishing?

Think "affiliate business." It's a risk-free way to generate secondary (or primary) income on the Net. You don't need a product or a service to sell. Credit cards processing, packaging, shipping logistics, customer support, -- none of these concern you as an affiliate. All you have to do is refer visitors to products and/or services that belong to the merchant(s) you have chosen to represent. Each resulting sale earns you a commission and money in your pocket.

This is a typical Affiliate Link - http://www.overstock.com/

are you


Join the Newbie Club!

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If you plan to use any of the resources we've  put into this web site for your business, or just for your computer pleasure, look at the Newbie Club site!

It's loaded with easy to understand stuff that you can really use. We refer to many of the free reports on a regular basis. We're sure that you will, too!

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