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"10,000 Visitors ?"
Is there really a way to get them to your Site?

Try this source for practical advice and help.


It's often a good idea to check out a variety of different ways to improve your website traffic.

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Study different methods and select the ones you feel will create the targeted traffic that is right for your website
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On our Way - with more
Vital Steps toward success

  Sell. Promote and Develop Traffic
   Make your Site Sell. (Download the Free Manual here)
   ▪ Generate Website Traffic *
Get FREE Traffic from Google
   ▪ Build Subscriber/OptIn Mail List (Power Tip!)
 Increase you subscriber lists and make money doing it
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FREE OptIn Strategy ebook to learn how it's done
  Use your Autoresponder to stay in touch with site Visitors
Keep them coming back.
  ▪  Write and Submit Articles to increase your web presence
  ▪  Build your own library of Private Label Articles
     Start it with this Free Private Label Package
of eBooks, Articles,
Software and much more.
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  ▪  Create Your own BLOG - you can do it for Fun and Profit
  ▪  Never Stop studying and learning how to improve.

Your Pathway to Success Needs to be Jammed
With Loads of Traffic

         *Website Traffic doesn't Just Happen!

All of your efforts must contribute to creating and publishing Visitor and Search Engine friendly websites that generate Targeted Traffic.

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of eBooks, websites, newsletters, software programs, traffic generating exchanges, and other schemes devoted to generating targeted traffic.

The Search Engine companies themselves offer to 'showcase' your sites on their Search Result pages, for a fee, or with Pay-per-Click schemes and ad boxes (Google Adwords and Adsense are very effective examples).

Clever people are increasing their traffic by  offering
 to tell you how to increase yours  
(often for a price)

    Hardly a day goes by without a lot of these offers
    showing up in our email Inbox. There are often some
    jewels among these. Look them over, if for nothing else
    than become familiar with the different approaches
    available to build your traffic.

And what happens after you begin to get visitors to your site, some of them are professional criminals who will steal your affiliate commissions, hijack your sales page promotions, and more? (unless you have safeguarded your page source and link codes). Be aware, and prepared.

Becoming adept at creating and keeping Targeted visitors requires a lot of home study, research, trial and error, testing, some monetary investment and above all - perseverance.

A few of the methods we've used are included among the suggestions below. The list is hardly representative of everything available on the Internet, in book stores, etc.

To develop your knowledge and skills in generating traffic to your websites, ezines, newsletters, etc. read everything you can. Signup for newsletters and programs being managed by the experts. They know how to do it!

Research with Google and Yahoo for  sources. Just about any Keyword or Keyword phrase that includes 'get website traffic' will give you dozens of sources to check. Be sure to click on their ad boxes and check their sponsored links. 
       Those advertisers are paying for top positions
       and are probably already very successful at
       generating their own traffic.

(Read on and check out my Powerful 'Search It' tool Gift*)

Marketing and Promoting you sites effectively
can be approached in a manner similar to that for learning how to get traffic. Develop your knowledge and skills in marketing your websites, ezines, newsletters, etc. by reading and studying  everything you can. Signup for newsletters and programs being managed by the experts, like i-Cop,
the International Council of Online Professionals. They know how to do it!
Linking to other websites with link exchange programs can encourage the Search Engines to give your site higher Page Rankings. Be careful here, there are Right and Wrong ways to do this. Learn how to exchange valuable links with the Free 90 page Make Your Links Work Manual. Make your link exchanges the way that Search Engines want them -- relevant sites linking to relevant sites only. The download link is in the Article on 'Value Exchanging' HERE.

Keep your website, newsletter or ezine up to date. Check your page traffic. If some of your pages out-perform others, take another look to see why. Are they more attractive, do they contain current content, are the meta keyword and description entries relevant? 

              This kind of analysis will help you when you
                      start to create new web pages.

Do you have competitors for your products, newsletters and ezines? Find out who they are. Use the tools available from MSN Google and Yahoo to identify them. Then visit their sites. See what they are doing to generate their traffic (the Alexa Toolbar will lead you to these results).

What are they doing that you can do better? If you do a better job, chances are that you'll eventually increase you search engine page rankings - and your site traffic.  
Do everything you can think of to get visitors to return (they count as traffic, too - very, very valuable traffic!) Have registration forms on your site. Offer to notify your visitors whenever you make a significant change or new offer -- maybe even create you own Newsletter.

Each visitor that signs on actually is 'Opting' to receive
         your messages. Don't miss the opportunity

An AutoResponder is essential for maintaining contact with your 'OptIn subscribers" Get our
FREE OptIn Strategy ebook. It's filled with answers about "How To Develop your List" and get the maximum benefits from an autoresponder. You've heard, and read it so many times--"The Money is in the List".  Believe it, it's really true.

Look into LIST BANDIT for the latest in List Building tools.

Track your ads, sales promotions, product offers, everything you offer on line - know exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Blogging is a GREAT way to increase your web presence, and it's not really that difficult.
There are many free blogging courses and free blog site creation tools. Well written and interesting blog topics help increase traffic.

    * Here's a Gift from Richard.  It's a very thorough Free research tool that can be used over and over again for all kinds of searches.

Search It! uses various approaches that greatly expand specific results in helping you find keywords, affiliates, competitors, and more. To better understand the power behind Search It!, you can take it for a test drive to familiarize yourself with how it works. Keep it, it's Free.

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Winning Salesletters

Learn to use words and sales strategies that have been proven to get attention, generate interest and desire, and motivate people to take buying action now.

It doesn't matter how pretty and professional looking your ad, sales letter or website is, the only way you're going to make money is by using words that communicate clearly the benefits of your offer and the reasons why your prospect should buy from you rather than anyone else.

Persuasive words and strategies that get your reader...

  1. ATTRACTED to something that will be of...

  2. BENEFIT to the them...then enough

  3. DESIRE for that BENEFIT must be generated to motivate them to...

  4. TAKE ACTION and...

  5. BUY NOW

"It's the words that do the selling..."


Top Notch
Promotion and Advertising

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The internet is virtually overflowing with helpful information, tutorials, links, newsletters and websites to help you promote your ideas and knowledge as a business or service.

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5. How to Get 1,000s of NEW visitors to your web site... for FREE!

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   Beware: Affiliate marketing as you know it, is about to change forever.   

Someone had to do something. After all, only a tiny percentage of affiliates in every program ever make any serious money. The fact is, effective affiliate marketing takes hard work. (Well, at least until today it did.)
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If you're ready to start earning GIANT affiliate checks while working much less, read on.

You see, affiliate programs are creating wealth, but one secret statistic is quite alarming...

The sad fact is...Only 5% of affiliates ever make any money.

And here's why affiliate marketing is making only a select few affiliates richer and richer...

(Make It with your Free Affiliate Showcase)

 IIt doesn’t matter whether your desire for blogging is for fun or profit, the steps to creating your own blog are the same.

  All you need is knowledge, and “Blogging for Fun and Profit” is just what the teacher ordered! Open the manual, read through the power packed pages of 'to the point' information, create your plan and follow the simple steps to seeing your own blog on the Internet!.

  It’s not that difficult – it's actually pretty simple. Anyone can do it and you can get started right away! There are really only three things you need to get started:
                       1. A Computer
                       2. An Internet connection
                       3. Your own copy of
                 Blogging for Fun and Profit”







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