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Know where to look for the Best Places When You Go Camping

      People camp all year round, but because of usually colder and less desirable weather conditions during winter, even primitive camping areas are most popular during the summer months, and Camping is expected to have rudimentary or primitive accommodations.
      It's the small price to pay for enjoying the great outdoors and going off the beaten track, where even popular camping sites promise lots of great views and great ways to bond with nature.
   A lot of the more popular national parks, State parks, and protected areas have specific areas for camping.

   The Mt. Rushmore National Memorial was built by Gutzon Borglum and a team of dedicated South Dakotan workers. For fourteen years, the men toiled. In the end they created a shrine of democracy - a massive sculpture unlike any other. Millions of people make the pilgrimage to Rushmore each year.

   Mt. Rushmore campsites in the Black Hills of South Dakota provide exciting family camping experiences

  When selecting a place to camp, find out if a Camp Permit is required, how much the fees are and the specific restrictions in a particular place. You absolutely have to get permits either before you go or upon arrival.

The US National Park Service Web Site can help you and your family select your Park Site from their Map of all of our States.

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Permits for very popular sites during holiday periods are very difficult to obtain and there are instances when they will be sold out months in advance. Obvious example: don't plan to camp at a popular camp area during Summer Holiday weeks without securing a permit beforehand.

     Itís also a good idea to ask family and friends for good camping places that they can recommend.

      Camper/trailer parks are available at or near popular nature parks or campsites. These camping places are usually available with powered sites where you can park the Camper trailer and vehicle and plug in. Some parks offer small cabins, which are cozier and more spacious.
 When arriving at your camp area, consider these camp site selection tips.   

Get a map of the park or campground so you can be oriented with all the trails, features and amenities available. Be especially conscious of water faucets and rest rooms.
Check the distance to nearest neighbors. Also, look for trash bins and showers. Set up your camp close to the water source and restroom. (If you set up camp too close to these, your sleep could be interrupted during the night by other campers traveling back and forth to the toilets) 
Select a higher point on the campgrounds but make sure that the ground is flat enough to pitch your tent and lay your bedding flat.
Do not locate the fire pit close to your tent entrance, and be mindful of wind directions to avoid smoke entering it.
Some campgrounds have washing stations for cleaning cookware. If so, don't do the dishes in the restrooms.



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